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Friday January 25, 2002

PC News
MoH:AA US Only Patch v1.10
This patch is for the US version of Medal of Honor and adds a GameSpy in-game server browser, allows users to have remote control of servers via command line, run servers from the command line, and turns off cheats being allowed in multiplayer. Download

What copy of MoH:AA are you playing?
It is being reported that the warez version of MoH:AA, that almost half the world downloaded, is in fact a BETA copy. "You might have seen a FLT release of this game before, which turned out to be just another beta. A few examples of differences for files that do not have the same date and/or content (from both cds and installdir)." Downloader beware!

Cossacks Add-On To Be Released In UK
CDV Software Entertainment has announced that the add-on COSSACKS: THE ART OF WAR will be hitting British shelves February 8th 2002. The add-on features more detailed graphics, very useful functions such as the "record and replay" function which will enable the gamer to record his or his opponent tactical move and to replay it. Furthermore the players can create their own maps with the help of the map editor which also includes the possibility to change everything from trees to ledges with the relief technique. [More...]

BCT Commander Goes Gold
Shrapnel Games is proud to announce that the latest game from ProSim, BCT Commander, has Gone Gold. BCT Commander and its predecessor Brigade Combat Team are the creation of Captain Patrick Proctor, Field Artillery, U. S. Army. Based on the battalion/brigade level tactical simulator, JANUS, and designed for and used by the army to train its senior commanders, this windows-based simulation retains all of the realism of its mainframe-based predecessor, while improving on the user interface by using windows-style point and click commands. Now, BCT Commander gives the fans what they have been asking for - BCT, The Construction Set, and both Expansion Packs all in one physical package with an awesome updated manual and CD. Contains 12 new scenarios, never seen in any other expansion pack. Includes the BCT JRTC Special Edition. [More...]

CDV and "Philos Laboratories" proudly present the first IMPERIUM GALACTICA: 3 trailer! Battles in outer space after 2100 AD, in which the human race is desperately trying to survive and defeat a mysterious alien entity that is dominating the over-computerized Earth. The well-balanced mixture of space combats and missions of diplomacy and research will be in German, UK and US stores from the 3rd quarter 2002. Download trailer

Focus Marketing and CDV Software Entertainment AG closed a distribution deal for RTS title WARCOMMANDER. Established French distribution partner of CDV, Focus Marketing, will thus promote and publish the title from Karlsruhe-based publisher on the French market. WARCOMMANDER Site

Military News
Arguments Rumble On As German Government Secures A400m Funds
Following a vote yesterday, the German Parliament has approved financing for the country's order for 73 A400M aircraft, Airbus's planned European military transport plane, before the end of the month deadline set by its European partners. Although this should clear the way for the project, and subsequently plans for a European rapid reactionary force, the opposition parties in Germany are attempting to erect further legal hurdles.

Only deputies of the ruling Social Democratic and Greens parties voted for the financial arrangements, which in order to take into account present German budget restraints will impinge on the budget for 2003. Having walked out before the vote in protest at this device, the opposition Christian Union and Free Democrat parties have filed a motion in court seeking a temporary restraining order to block implementation of the financial arrangement. The ex-communist Party of Democratic Socialism voted against the motion.

Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder's government had just 5.1 billion euros in the 2002 budget, enough for 40 A400M aircraft, and the opposition argued in vain for a supplementary budget to be drawn up to cover the shortfall. Instead the 8.58 billion euros (7.52 billion dollars) in funding, required for the 73 planes Germany is committed to buy, will spill into next year's budget. The project will put a further strain on German government finances, with the public deficit already rising towards the maximum three percent of gross domestic product permitted for states in the 12-nation euro-zone.

The A400M, equipped with four turbo-propellers, is to replace ageing transport planes across Europe such as the US Hercules C-130 and the Franco-German Transall C-160. Germany is the largest buyer of the A400M with 73 of the aircraft on order, followed by France with 50 then Spain (27), Britain (25), Turkey (10), Belgium (7), Portugal (3) and Luxembourg (1).

Indian Missile Testing Raises Regional Tensions
India has caused more diplomatic waves by proceeding with a test flight of a short range, nuclear capable missile over the Bay of Bengal. Unsurprisingly the act has caused significant reaction from the Pakistani Government and dismay within the international community.

Relations between Pakistan and India have been on a knifepoint since a suicide bombing on the Indian Parliament last month. The attack, blamed on Pakistan-backed terrorists by India, prompted a massive build up of troops, by both sides, around the disputed Kashmir territory.

India insisted that the missile launch was planned long before the recent difficulties, and Prime Minister Atal Behari Vaipayee said that the test was one of a number of stages in the country's programme of national security. However, Pakistan is taking the view that its neighbour is sabre-rattling, a foreign office statement declared the act as "prejudicial to the pursuit of stability in our region".

This is not the first time India has tested its nuclear capabilities at a particularly inopportune moment. In 2001 the Agni 2 missile was tested during a state visit from China's Li Peng - China being the next closest nuclear capable nation. Significantly, the Agni 2 missile has a range of 2,000 kilometres, while the missile tested yesterday, the Agni 1, is a short-range version with an effective range of 700 kilometres.

Whether this was a show of strength or merely grossly insensitive is something of a moot point, but with global tensions significantly raised, the international community will be redoubling efforts to reduce tension on both sides and encourage further diplomatic advances.

Programme Retrofits F-16s; Creates Identical Cockpit
The first F-16 Fighting Falcon Block 50 fighter retrofitted in the Common Configuration Implementation Programme roared back to life recently, increasing pilot training efficiency and reducing the enemy's ability to hide.

The CCIP will refit all the Air Force's Block-40 and -50 F-16s during the next 10 years, creating identical cockpits in each fighter and increasing communication abilities with land, air and sea forces, officials said.

"This is the biggest electrical modification ever performed on the F-16," said Rick Merrill, F-16 CCIP production chief. "It's going to be a valuable asset to the pilots in the field."

Identical cockpits mean pilots will no longer have to be trained for different configurations, he said. "They'll be able to fly every F-16 that's been retrofitted," Merrill said.

Seven planes have been completed and are preparing to return to their unit. Entire squadrons of planes are being sent, causing affected units to stand down while the retrofitting is taking place.

Making sure the programme stays on track and units receive their planes ready to fly on time is essential to success, Merrill said.

Since entire squadrons of planes are sent in together for retrofitting, Merrill said the importance of reducing the time it takes to do the job is a constant concern for him and his crew.

"Daily, technicians are finding ways to reduce flow time of the retrofitting," Merrill said. "The technicians are very innovative on how to reduce items that come up. As we do more aircraft, we're looking at ways to reduce the flow and return the fighters to the field faster."

Merrill went on a "hiring frenzy" a year before the programme started to find the best and brightest technicians to do the work. Those chosen have gone through almost a year's worth of extensive classroom and hands-on training to do the job and more technicians are still needed to get the job done, he said.

RADA To Provide Ground Debriefing Stations For F16I
Smiths Aerospace has contracted Israeli company RADA Electronic Industries Ltd for the production of Digital Video Ground Debriefing Stations for the F-16I of the Israeli Air Force (Peace Marble V). The contract is valued about $3 million.

The Israeli Air Force is the first airforce to use digital video recording on its F-16 aircraft. Smiths Aerospace provides the digital video airborne recording unit for the F-16I. According to the MOA signed between both companies, RADA will develop and provide Smiths Aerospace Digital Video Ground Debriefing Stations for the IAF.

The Digital Video Ground Debriefing Station is a commercial PC based system, designed for advanced squadron level, post-flight debriefing. The Ground Debriefing Station can easily be upgraded to include Air Combat Maneuvering Instrumentation (ACMI).

"We are certain that the Digital Video Ground Debriefing Stations are perfectly suitable for the sophisticated needs and special requirements of the Israeli Air Force,'' said Maj. General (Res.) Herzle Bodinger, RADA President & Chairman.

U.S. Launches Raid on Taliban Compounds
U.S. forces raided two Taliban leadership compounds north of Kandahar, Afghanistan, Air Force Gen. Richard Myers told reporters today.

Myers, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, said at a Pentagon press briefing that a Special Forces soldier wounded in the ankle by enemy fire was evacuated for care. U.S. troops detained 27 individuals in the raid and killed a number of the enemy, he said. U.S. forces are questioning those captured. AFRTS TV Report: U.S. soldier wounded during raid on Taliban compound

The general would not comment further as "a potential for further action" exists. U.S. Central Command officials said service members destroyed a large cache of weapons and ammunition at the site.

DoD officials said this type of raid would characterize the fighting ahead for U.S. and coalition forces in Afghanistan. Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld said there are concentrated pockets of Al Qaeda terrorists and Taliban fighters and called the pockets "not small."

"There are a lot more of these pockets," he said. "We are going to pursue them and we're going to keep at them until we get them." U.S. commanders in Afghanistan will decide when to go after these pockets, he said.

The quarry move around the rugged terrain of Afghanistan, he said. "We are finding them and we are engaging them with direct action either alone or with coalition forces or with Afghan forces," Rumsfeld said. "We are doing it systematically and you can expect it will continue for some time."

The raid brings the number of Taliban and Al Qaeda terrorists under U.S. control in Afghanistan to 297. All told, 455 detainees are under U.S. control.

Lockheed Martin Posts $1.51 Billion Loss
NEW YORK (Reuters) - Lockheed Martin Corp. LMT.N, a leading maker of fighter jets and missile systems, on Friday posted a net loss for the fourth quarter after taking more than $1 billion in charges to exit the telecommunications business. But the company posted an increased profit on an operating basis and said results in 2002 would be higher than Wall Street's current estimates. Lockheed, the nation's No. 1 defense firm, reported a net loss of $1.51 billion, or $3.49 per share, compared with earnings of $89 million, or 21 cents per share a year ago. [More...]

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