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Friday, January 5, 2001

PC News
Project IGI Sequel News Premature.
Following yesterday's news that there was a possibility of a follow-up Project IGI, Innerloop Managing Director Henning Rokling, has issued a letter, received by Daily Radar via Eidos, explaining the truth.

"Like we all know, the Internet can be a dangerous thing, as information and rumours can fly about at lightning speed," began Rokling. "I write to you now to rectify some of the damage and speculations this can continue to cause if the record is not set straight."

He went on to say, "We have not made any decisions within our company as to what kind of product we will go on to do. We have a long history with Eidos, and are continuing to discuss further business with them as well as our other business partners. So far, this has not included discussing a potential sequel to Project IGI."

IL-2 Friday Update.
Oleg and team have been working on cool light effects on the ground and in the sky. So youíll see very good light effects, especially looking great in clouds,as well as, rain and snow. Five new screenshots have been posted. Check these and more out at: Official IL-2 Forum

World Championship on Space Empires IV.
Twin Galaxies has decided to support the turn-based strategy gaming world with high score contests and cash prizes. They have many contests planned for the next six months. The first contest is on Space Empires IV for the PC. Admission to all these contests is free. If you are interested in participating or would like more information go to:. Twin Galaxies

Intel Introduces Faster Celeron Chip.
In a bid to strengthen its hold on the budget personal computer market, Intel revealed two new strategies Wednesday: The chipmaker rolled out a faster version of its low-end Celeron processor, and, as expected, introduced a slightly cheaper and slower version of its new Pentium 4 chip.

Facing competition from rival AMD , Intel officials said the two moves are part of an overall initiative to improve and upgrade the technology used in its lower-end PC systems.

AMD plans to upgrade its budget Duron chip this year, starting with an 850 MHz chip this month. AMD officials said they will bump up the speed of the Duron in 50 MHz increments throughout the year, and hope to culminate with a 1 GHz version by the end of 2001. Intel and AMD

Abacus Releases new CFS2 Add-on.
Abacus has completed an update to their add-on Combat Squadron which makes these 18 World War II aircraft CFS2 compatible. The update fixes problems with bombs, drop tanks, landing gear height and engine starting. This new update is available FREE to registered users of Combat Squadron from their website at Abacus Publishing

On January 15th, Abacus will release the Battle For Midway update for CFS2. . This update corrects several CFS2 quirks including drop tanks and bombs.

Military News
First Flight of Raptor 4005 Armed With Block 3.0 Avionics.
The U.S. Air Force's F-22 program soared over another milestone today with the first flight of an F-22 Raptor equipped with combat-capable avionics as Boeing test pilot Randy Neville flew the successful first flight of Raptor 4005 from Lockheed Martin's facility in Marietta, Ga.

"Block 3.0 is the software that provides and controls the 'first look, first shot, first kill' warfighting capability of the F-22 Raptor," said Tom McDermott, Lockheed Martin Aeronautics' F-22 avionics product manager. "Block 3.0 provides the multi-sensor fusion Raptor pilots will need to accurately acquire, track, identify and engage multiple targets." In addition to Block 3.0's ability to launch and guide multiple weapons -- such as the AIM 120 and AIM-9 air-to-air missiles -- this software package enables the aircraft to automatically detect and defeat incoming missiles by initiating the Raptor's counter- measures, according to McDermott.

"Flying Raptor 4005 with the Block 3.0 represented the program's current most technically demanding challenge," said Brig. Gen. Jay Jabour, F-22 System Program Director. "This successful flight, in addition to our other recent achievements, demonstrates that the program is ready for low-rate production."

The F-22 is the crucial next step to the Air Force's transformation to the expeditionary aerospace force of the future. Fielding it in sufficient numbers will guarantee U.S. air dominance for the next three decades. As a force enabler, it will reduce the risk to U.S. and friendly forces in conflicts of all sizes and lead to dramatically fewer allied casualties, he added. Source: PrNewswire.

Army moves USNS Cole Munitions.
The Military Traffic Management Command is playing a role in beginning the restoration of the USNS Cole, the ship damaged by a terrorist attack in Yemen. A MTMC contractor transported the munitions removed from the ship beginning Jan. 2 from Naval Station Pascagoula, Miss. A munitions hauling contract was awarded by the Deployment Support Command's Negotiations Branch. The bid, opened and closed within 24 hours, was handled by Willie Sharp, a traffic management specialist. Fellow transporter Maureen Carlo called the contract award "amazing." "I told my family and all my friends about what we had to do," said Carlo. "It shows you big things can touch your life when you least expect it." The Cole was damaged by a terrorist explosion Oct. 12 in the port of Aden, Yemen. (Editor's note: Larry McCaskill is a Public Affairs Specialist for the MTMC Deployment Support Command, Fort Eustis, Va.) Link: Army Link News

Marines Displeased by 60 Minutes Veteran.
The ANN reports that,the Marines are invoking political correctness in denouncing 60 Minutes anchor Mike Wallace, for a call he tried to make to Lt. Col Keith Sweaney's widow less than 48 hours after his fatal Osprey crash. [Another Crash for the MV-22 Osprey. News Dec. 12] Wallace, for his part, is invoking righteous indignation, citing (in his later apology) his "inappropriate reporters' instinct," in the fracas. For more on this story go to: Aero-News Network

This Week in Naval History.
Jan. 9, 1945 Vice. Adm. Thomas C. Kinkaid, 7th Fleet commander, landed four divisions of the 6th Army at Lingayen Gulf, on the northwest tip of the Philippines. The beaches were lightly defended; Japanese Gen. Tomoyuki Yamashita had withdrawn most of his 250,000 soldiers into the mountainous interior. By nightfall, 68,000 American troops were safely ashore. More information about naval history can be found at Navy News

Sweden Marketing Fighters to Poland, for Free.
PAP, the news agency, has reported that earlier this week, Sweden offered sixteen Gripen fighter jets to Poland, for free. The deal, for 14 of the single-seaters and two two-place Gripens. The offer came from SAAB-BaE, in response to a US offer of F-16s. The details of the deals are different, though. The Swedish-British offer is made as a gift, if the Polish government goes for Gripens; the US deal, reportedly, would require payment for the F-16s, if the Poles subsequently order more F-16s. Further details at: Aero-News Network

Internet News
Given COMBATSIM.COM's recent changes we thought you might like to hear more about the Current Internet Business.

  • UGO, Under Ground Online, is trimming some excess pounds. is reporting that UGO is cutting back on affiliate advertising payouts. "Right now in this market, it's difficult for any entertainment site to survive," a UGO official says, adding that the company has no choice but to do this if it is to turn a profit, which is expected to happen in the third quarter of this year. Should the affiliates not agree to UGO's proposed terms, it's likely the company will not pay the guaranteed minimum per month specified in each contract, the official says. Full story available at: Gamers News Note: If you click on this link careful you don't trip over all the pop up windows when the page loads.

  • News Corp., the media empire controlled by Rupert Murdoch, is shutting down its online division and eliminating more than 200 jobs in an effort to conserve badly needed cash. Full story at: Washington Post

  • Troubled toy e-tailer eToys moved to the dot-com critical list Thursday, announcing that approximately 70 percent of the company's 1,000 employees have been informed that their jobs are being eliminated. eToys also announced yesterday it was shutting down its UK Site
  • .

  • Even Paul Allen, of Microsoft fame, is not immune to the dot-com melt down. Paul Allen's will cease operations effective January 31st, 2001.

  •, a leading online advertising and media company, has layed of 550, approximately 50%, of their staff, in an effort to in increase operational efficiencies, improve margins and further reduce expenses.

Thursday, January 4, 2001

PC News
Project IGI Update!
Gamespot PC News has reported that Simon Protheroe, the technical director on Project IGI at Eidos, has made two announcements regarding the future of the franchise. The first announcement will no doubt disappoint fans: There will be no online support implemented in the upcoming patch. To assuage fan's wrath, a save game feature will be incorporated. In further good news, Eidos is in negotiations with Innerloop, the game's creators, to produce a sequel.

Protheroe accepted the blame on behalf of Eidos for the missing online support, since the publisher is unwilling to furnish the funds that would allow Innerloop to dedicate programming resources to the project. But once again, the good news is that if a sequel is made, Eidos is promising online support and larger maps. Protheroe expects Project: IGI 2 to hit stores in late 2001.

Healthy Future for Wargaming!
Yesterday we told you about the new Wargame developers 2BY3 Games. Today Matrix Games and 2BY3 Games announced that they will team up to bring three new computer wargames to market during the next three years. 2By3 Games, featuring the designs of award-winning game designer/programmers Gary Grigsby and Keith Brors, will develop three games to be published by Matrix Games. The first game, Uncommon Valor: Campaign for the South Pacific will feature the New Guinea and Solomons air, sea and land campaign that proved to be the turning point in the war against Japan. The second game, War in the Pacific: Struggle Against Japan 1941-1945, will feature the entire war against Japan from Pearl Harbor to Japanís surrender. The third game will feature the struggle in the Mediterranean during the first half of WWII.

All three games will feature the historical detail and accuracy that Grigsby designs have been known for during his career that spans nearly twenty years. 2BY3 Games will also be assisted in the development of the three titles by Matrix Games programmers and artists. Several of these have worked on earlier Matrix Games revisions and updates of Grigsby games, most notably Steel Panthers: World at War. For more information go to: Matrix Games and 2BY3 Games

Matrox Linux Driver Released!
Matrox announced the release of new Linux driver. This beta driver adds new features to the currently existing XFree86 mga driver. It includes support for the Matrox G450, G400, and G200 graphics adapters. Newly added features include DualHead, digital flat panel, and TV out support for the G400, DualHead support for the G450, and multiple display support for the G200 Multi-Monitor series. This driver is also programmed to set the internal clock speeds to production levels, increasing 2D and 3D performance under XFree86. Driver available at: Matrox

Wednesday, January 3, 2001

PC News
Industry Veterans Ignite Wargaming!
Three veterans of the computer game industry -- Gary Grigsby, Keith Brors, and Joel Billings -- announced the creation of 2BY3 Games, dedicated to producing detailed and realistic computer wargames. 2BY3 Games (WWII by three guys) will concentrate on recreating important military campaigns on the PC to satisfy military gaming enthusiasts.

The three founders of 2BY3 Games have over 50 years of combined experience in making computer wargames. Gary Grigsby, the most prolific computer wargame designer in the history of the industry, has designed and programmed over 25 computer wargames including the highly acclaimed Steel Panthers series. Before joining forces with Gary four years ago, Keith Brors was an accomplished designer/programmer for SSI. Keith made major contributions on many SSI games as well as writing critical tools used by Gary and other programmers developing wargames for SSI. Joel Billings founded SSI in 1979 and produced over 50 SSI titles, including most of Garyís SSI titles. As President and CEO from 1979-1995, Joel led SSI into its position as the first and largest publisher of computer wargames.

2BY3 Games will focus initially on developing games covering WWII topics. Three products are currently in development. The first covers the campaigns in the South Pacific between May 1942 and December 1943. The second covers the entire war in the Pacific from 1941 to 1945. The third game covers the war between the USSR and Germany from 1941 to 1945. All three games, which will be published in 2001-2002, will be highly detailed military simulations that cover all major aspects of these campaigns. For more information, check out their website at: 2by3 Games

Sudden Strike Goes Gold!
Strategy First Inc. has annnounced that the real-time tactical war game, Sudden Strike has gone gold. The game makes its North American debut at the end of January, hitting store shelves nationwide. For more on Sudden Strike, read our review: Click Here

Also, Strategy First announced that they have partnered with Gamespy to provide Sudden Strike's online multiplayer. Sudden Strike players from around the world will be able to challenge each other to an epic WWII battle. More info go to: GameSpy Arcade

Aircraft Toolkit V1.0 Released!
Touchdown Software has developed an add-on package for the Microsoft range of flight simulators, Flight Simulator and Combat Flight Simulator. Aircraft Toolkit allows you to manage & control aircraft, panels, sounds and checklists. For details, screenshots and download go to: Touchdown Software

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