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Weekend of November 6 & 7, 1999
Mig Alley Guide @ Frugal's World
  • Frugal's World of Simulations has posted Part 2 of Ken "KC23" Cook's 12 part Spring Offensive Strategy Guide for Mig Alley. This part concentrates on Airfields. Here is a snippet:

    "Once you taken out the high MiG activity airfields closest to the front you don't have to be quite so paranoid, but in the first few missions in the Spring Offensive be prepared for lots of company. These missions are often spectacular looking with several dozens of aircraft streaking across the sky all seemingly going in different directions."

    Click here to view: SOSG

  • Also on Frugal' s WorldI've is the 1.5 version of Julian Onion's Skin Editor for Falcon 4. This version will allow you to edit the whole skin. Also posted a replacement by John Mooney. John has tried to make the missiles more realistic and slightly less lethal. Both of these are in the Utilities section of the Falcon 4 Files page.
Times Article: The American G.I. by Colin Powell
  • From disparate roots but united by patriotic courage, U.S. soldiers preserved freedom around the world.

    As Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, I referred to the men and women of the armed forces as "G.I.s." It got me in trouble with some of my colleagues at the time. Several years earlier, the Army had officially excised the term as an unfavorable characterization derived from the esignation "government issue."

    For the complete article, click here: American G.I.
Recommended Readings
  • Bravo Two Zero

    Not only a breathtaking account of the Special Forces raid on Iraqi scuds during the Gulf War, this is also a story of superhuman courage, endurance and dark humor in the face of overwhelming odds. Andy McNab, the most highly decorated soldier in 50 years of the British Special Forces, tells the story of his patrol, which in his commanding officer's words "will remain in regimental history forever." Photos. HC: Bantam. (Military History)

    Their mission: To take out the scuds. Eight went out. Five came back. Their story had been closed in secrecy. Until now. They were British Special Forces, trained to be the best. In January 1991 a squad of eight men went behind the Iraqi lines on a top secret mission. It was called Bravo Two Zero. On command was Sergeant Andy McNab. Dropped into "scud alley" carrying 210-pound packs, McNab and his men found themselves surrounded by Saddam's army. Their radios didn't work. The weather turned cold enough to freeze diesel fuel. And they had been spotted. Their only chance at survival was to fight their way to the Syrian border seventy-five miles to the northwest and swim the Euphrates river to freedom.

    You can find this book at AMAZON.COM: BravoTwoZero
Friday, November 5, 1999
  • Feature: The Ultimate Naval Package

    On Wednesday evening I flew into San Francisco to spend time with the SSI crew. This brief report will clue you in to the immediate news and next week I'll have in-depth reports on Destroyer Command, Su39, and Harpoon4. We'll also have new screens from Silent Hunter II and a new title that I'll save for later.

  • Feature: Head Mounted Displays

    HMD is an acronym for Head Mounted Display, which is a set of goggles or a helmet with tiny monitors in front of each eye that generates images seen by the wearer as being three dimensional. A true HMD includes a device for tracking the users head movements and orientation.

  • Military History: Facing Flak in the B17

    This story was originally sent to Central of the 773rd Hostiles by one of the American Heroes from W.W.II, Willard "HAP" Reese: pilot of a B17 flying fortress. This article has been reposted here by permission of the 773rd Hostiles and Chuck "Creamo" Kremer.

Rogue Spear Server List
  • Rogue Spear Retreat has posted a listing of available Rogue Spear game servers.

    From Rogue Spear Retreat:

    The RS Retreat is proud to announce that we have gone live with our RS Server Listings! Are you looking for some Rainbow Six/Rogue Spear servers to join? Are you wanting to host some games but don't have anyone to play? The RS Server Listing is for you! If you are a client, visit the site and browse through the server database. Any servers that are currently up are moved to the front and sorted by status and date. Our master list of servers is refreshed every 10 minutes (could change) to query which servers are up. You can also manually check the status of a server anytime by clicking on it's status icon.

    If you are a server, you only need to add your server to our database once and then whenever you host, we will catch your status. Soon we will have the feature finished to click on a server name and automatically join that server. Be sure and read the FAQ under the server listing to answer any of your questions and feel free to email me! If you like this tool, use it!

Jane's Defence Weekly for 3 November
  • Medium brigades on US agenda

    The US Army will form four to five medium-weight brigades over the "next few years", Maj Gen Burwell Bell, head of the US Army Armor Center at Ft Knox, told a meeting sponsored by the Army Tank-automotive and Armaments Command last week.

  • ANZAC back to the drawing board

    The Australian Department of Defence has abandoned the A$2 billion ($1.3 billion) Warfighting Improvement Programme (WIP) upgrade for its eight ANZAC-class frigates and instead will proceed with a less ambitious upgrade to the ships' anti-ship missile defence capability.

  • China deploys Dong Feng-31 missile towards its southern borders

    China's three-stage solid-propellant inter-continental ballistic missile, Dong Feng-31 (DF-31; NATO designation CSS-X-9) has been deployed in the south of the country, according to the People's Liberation Army daily newspaper.

  • DoD urged to spend more on scientific research

    The growing gap in scientific research investment between the private-sector and government has led to calls for the US government, and the Department of Defense (DoD) in particular, to substantially increase spending on research and development.

  • New gas turbine engine enters final test phase

    Northrop Grumman is almost finished developing the WR-21, an inter-cooled recuperated gas-turbine engine and company officials hope it will be selected as the power source for a variety of future ships, including the US Navy DD-21 land-attack destroyer.

  • Turkish-UK team emerges as latest bidder for FCLV

    Another contender for the British Army's Future Command and Liaison Vehicle (FCLV) competition has emerged with the teaming of UK-based DSD and Otokar, the largest manufacturer of wheeled armoured fighting vehicles in Turkey.

  • A400M awaits decisions after simulated flights

    Pilots from four of the nations involved in the development of Europe's A400M military transport have conducted the first simulated flights of the design at Airbus Military Company headquarters in Toulouse, southern France.

  • India set to test Bofors self-propelled howitzer

    India has invited seven overseas companies to submit bids to supply at least 3,000-4,000 155mm/52-calibre howitzers during the next two decades through direct purchase and licensed production and early next year Sweden's Bofors Weapons Systems will send a self-propelled howitzer to India for trials.

  • Israel, USA draft new strategic agreement

    The aim will be to agree on a draft memorandum of understanding that will define strategic relations and replace an accord signed in 1988 that has now become outdated.

  • IMI develops top-attack tank killer

    The Ammunition Group of Israel Military Industries (IMI) has revealed it is developing a new top-attack fire-and-forget extended-range tank projectile called Excalibur.

  • Boeing and IAI look to upgrade opportunities

    Boeing and Israel Aircraft Industries (IAI) are exploring the possibility of marketing upgrades of fighter and trainer aircraft as the US aerospace giant looks for opportunities in the lucrative Israeli market following its fighter competition loss to Lockheed Martin's F-16 in July.

US Military News
  • The world's first hypersonic air-breathing free-flight vehicle is no longer just a paper airplane. The first of three experimental vehicles, designated X-43A, recently arrived at NASA's Dryden Flight Research Center at Edwards Air Force Base, Calif., to prepare for flight in May.

    Flight of the X-43 vehicles will be the culmination of over 20 years of "scramjet" (supersonic combustible ramjet) research and the first time a non-rocket engine has powered vehicles at hypersonic speeds.

    For complete story details, click here: X-43
Thursday, November 4, 1999
  • Military History: Facing Flak in the B17

    This story was originally sent to Central of the 773rd Hostiles by one of the American Heroes from W.W.II, Willard "HAP" Reese: pilot of a B17 flying fortress. This article has been reposted here by permission of the 773rd Hostiles and Chuck "Creamo" Kremer

New Falcon4 Items at Frugal's World
  • Skin editor created by Julian Onion.
  • Rufus Parson's latest incarnation of his 1.07 cockpit. In this version he has used his new found techniques in Paint Shop Pro to improve the graphics even further.

    The files are located in the utilities and cockpits sections of the Falcon 4 Files page.
New Flanker 2.0 Sounds
  • Flanker Sim-Arena has posted new and improved sounds for the latest version of Flanker. It includes louder engine sounds, and Nadia's voice is now completely in Russian. Click here to visit the site:F2.0 Sim-Arena
Falcon4.0 Virtual War
  • Joint Forces Command has issued Operation Red Warrior to the 187th VFW Avengers,, and the 16th TFW Flying Tigers, . Operations will commence at 3 PM EST US on Saturday November 6th and Sunday November 7th. 3 force on force missions will be flown on each day consisting of a 4 vs. 4 engagements. All missions were created from a mutually agreed upon outside source so as neither Wing has any prior knowledge of what each mission will entail. LTC. Dusty "Redwolf" Rhodes of the 187th VFW Avengers and COL. Wade "Laser" Holdeman have been designated as Operations Commanders for their respective wings. The Tactical Operations Center will be in the 187th Avengers dedicated IRC Channel. Access it with /server and the channel is /join #falcon4 or click on the chat link at the 187th Avengers web site. All operations will be conducted through this IRC channel.
F4 1.07 is Getting Old
  • F4 1.07 is getting old. It was a huge improvement, but there are still significant areas needing attention. 1.08 has been underway for quite some time now. 1.08 will add at least the following:
    - more multiplayer improvement
    - more graphical enhancements (look for improved texturing around air bases especially, as well as enhancements to flares)
    - a high resolution cockpit (1024x768)
    - more functional switches in the cockpit
    - improved ability to judge distance to incoming missiles
    - two way terrain masking. This is likely based on a bubble system surrounding your aircraft and the aircraft in your flight.
    - bug fixes in the RWR receiver
FS2K Compatibility
  • The Abacus Flight Crew has announced FS2000 compatibility issues with their products. Here is the current list of products with updates to make them work with FS2K.
Raptor flies 100th mission
  • F-22 Raptor 4001, the first of the Air Force's next-generation of air superiorty fighter jets, flew its 100th mission here Oct. 27 with Boeing test pilot Chuck Killberg at the controls. The F-22 is undergoing the most extensive and sophisticated testing of any combat aircraft ever developed, giving the Air Force and its industry partners adequate time to properly design, build and test the Raptor before being put into production. Click here to view: F-22 100th
Wednesday, November 3, 1999
  • Review: Guillemot 3d Prophet

    We test the GeForce 256 on Guillemot's new board.

  • Review: Freespace 2

    Interplay's latest space combat sim. Is this the best ever?

  • Feature: PlaneStuff

    WWII military manuals, authentic guncam footage... WOW!

New Articles at Frugals World
  • Frugals Worlds has posted Part 1 of Ken "KC23" Cook's 12 Part Mig Alley Spring Offensive Strategy Guide. Check it out here: SOSG
  • Also at Frugals Worlds is an editorial entitled Pilot Sim Vs Flight Sim. In the article they discuss the merits of an accurate flight model and examine the reasons we fly sims. That article can be found here: P.S. Vs F.S.
Flight Unlimited III Patch is Out
  • 3D Gamers has two links to the FUIII Patch (US Version only). To download click here: FUIII
Rogue Spear Mods
Tuesday, November 2, 1999
  • Training: Falcon 4 - Tricks of the Trade

    I have over two hundred missions in my Falcon4 folder and disappointingly, many have problems. Have you ever loaded a mission where the routes between steerpoints are red? Have you ever flown a mission when no enemy aircraft, SAMs, or AAA defenders appeared even though the briefing map showed plenty? You have been the victim of BMB (Bad Mission Building)!

  • Review: Fighter Systems H.O.T.A.S.S.

    I have always had fantasies about building my own virtual cockpit for playing sims. But like most of you, I have neither the physical space in my home nor the money to build it. Wouldn't it be nice if we could have a device that mounted our HOTAS off our desk. Enter the H.O.T.A.S.S. from Fighter Systems.

  • Exclusive: Thrustmaster DIGITAL

    Tired of the jitter associated with your Thrustmaster gear? You'd like to be able to use your gear as a digital device and assign buttons in a game via the in-game menu? You've never been able to use the trackball but wish you could? Never fear, new chips are here!

Voodoo3 and USAF
  • There is a problem with USAF on Voodoo 3000 or 3500. Some can fly for two or three minutes and then they get a lock up and must reboot. AMD systems seem particularly subject to this problem under DX7, but some have also experienced it under DX6.1. 3dfx has just released new drivers, separate drivers for DX6 and DX7, so this may help. We'll report when we know the results.
  • y
DX& Problem with USB
  • Microsoft has acknowledged a USB problem with controllers under DX7. A fix is in the works. If you are having trouble with your USB stick under DX7, now you know why!
Building the Ultimate Game PC
  • Loyd Case's book, "Building the Ultimate Game PC" is out. Loyd writes for Computer Gaming World and Gamespot as contributing hardware editor. Click here to goto to look at this book: BTUGPC
Rogue Spear Downloads
  • The RogueSpear Database has posted a bunch of mods and news for Rogue Spear from Redstorm Entertainment.
    • Using BattleCom w/Rogue Spear
      To get Rogue Spear to work with Battlefield Communicator, you'll need to do some editing. In the GameLink Database, add the following:
      1. Mute External = Yes
      2. Time =1000
      3. Window Name = "Rogue Spear"
      For more information and detailed instructions click here
    • Mod - Total War v13a
      This map pack contians 13 server-side maps, a few have multiple insertions. Download Total War v13a here.
Flight Simulator 2000 Hits Retail
  • Microsoft Corp. announced yesterday that Flight Simulator 2000 (FS2K) is now available in U.S. retail outlets, with worldwide availability planned for later next month. FS2K now contains a highly detailed Concorde, and allows you to download real-world weather and take off to one of more than 21,000 worldwide airports.
Monday, November 1, 1999
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