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Friday, August 11th, 2000

1804Z: European Air Warrior Convention
  • The Battle of Britain has been over for 60 years, but in Birmingham this month it will rage again. Birmingham is the chosen venue of this years European Air Warrior Convention, where 40 pilots from across Europe will fly a computer air combat simulation to become "Top Gun". The convention is to be held from Friday to Sunday, August 18-20, at the Great Barr Hotel and Conference Centre. More information on the Convention can be found at the website by clicking HERE.
1800Z: Hidden and Dangerous 2 Fan Site
  • A new fan site will be launched this Sunday for Hidden and Dangerous 2. Click HERE to bookmark.
1730Z: Comanche 4
  • Novalogic has informed us that Comanche 4 is off the schedule for the time-being however they are definitely interested in working on this product in the future. They have no further information or dates at this time. Work on Delta Force Land Warrior continues and they hope to have a demo available early this fall.
1745Z: Tank Platoon! News
  • Several of our readers have asked us to confirm with Microprose that Tank Platoon is still cancelled considering the excitement over Shrapnel Games' new tank sim, Steel Beasts. We have the confirmed that Tank Platoon is not being developed and there are no plans to do so in the future.
Thursday, August 10th, 2000

1750Z: Troff's Gallery Update
  • Troffmeister's special focus this week is Enemy Engaged Comanche Vs Hokum. Click HERE to visit.
1742Z: Mac Voodoo5 Available
  • The PCI Voodoo5 for Mac computers are now available in North America. You can find the V5 at most retail outlets in the USA and shortly in Canada at a MRSP of $329.
Wednesday, August 9th, 2000

1700Z: Microsoft Releases Game Voice Software
  • Game Voice Share is a free, chat-only version of the SideWinder Game Voice software. Click HERE to download. Microsoft's Sidewinder Game Voice will be officially released August 24th.
1626Z: Training On-line for Jane's F/A-18
  • The VFA-257th StingRays will be hosing an Instructor Pilot Evaluation, with individual and group training for Jane's F/A-18 via Roger Wilco on August 19th 4p.m. Eastern. It also includes basic Cockpit Familiarization and a look at the Serious fun side of the Sim. Click HERE for more info.
1600Z: Aces High Terrain Editor
  • HiTechCreations have released an open beta Terrain Editor for their massively multiplayer simulation, Aces High. Click HERE to download.
1545Z: Lightning Strike Footage
  • Ever wonder what an airplane lightning strike looks like? Click HERE to view the footage.
Tuesday, August 8th, 2000

1723Z: Update from CH Products
  • CH have sent us updates on a variety of products and drivers:
    • Their Flight Sim Yoke USB 200-615 will begin production August 28th. They are currently testing on a variety of OS platforms, from Windows 2000, 98, DirectX 8 beta, and for Mac OS 9.0.
    • TThe first showing of Fighterstick USB, and Pro Throttle USB is set for September 3rd - 5th at the ECTS trade show in London, booth G570. The look of the new F-16 Fighterstick remains intact with added functionality. The new USB Pro Throttle has changed howver. We will keep you posted with info as it becomes available.
    • Thecurrent status of Unified Pro Pedal driver continues its development. Current lists of supporting sims and game applications are listed on the USB Pro Pedals web page:
    • Other drivers listed for updates: Flight Sim Yoke PC / F-16 Combatstick PC Windows 2000 driver.
1710Z: Mission to Mars Mod for Half-Life
  • For our Sci-Fi fans, a new mod for Half-Life is in the works based on the movie of the same name. Click HERE to visit the Mission to Mars Mod website.
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