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Friday, March 24th, 2000

1543Z: CounterStrike 6.1 Patch
  • A patch has been released to update CounterStrike from 6.0 to 6.1. It fixes several issues users have identified from the 6.0 upgrade. Click HERE to download from CounterStrike is a free add-on for Halflife and is one of the most popular online.
1500Z: Enemy Engaged Hits Gold
  • We have a report that Enemy Engaged RA66 Comanche Vs KA-52 Hokum has gone gold. Their web site is also up at
1450Z: Flashpoint Website
  • There is a new Tactical Action Combat game in the works called Flashpoint. We are gathering information on this new project being developed in the Czech Republic. Click HERE to view the company's web page and for game details.
1350Z: Airport 2000 Vol2
  • Wilco Publishing have released Airport 2000 Volume 2. It contains new scenery for Microsoft Flight Sim 2000 and 98. Click HERE for more details.
1200Z: Horse & Musket Patch
  • Shrapnel Games have released patch ver. 1.1 for Horse & Musket: Great Battles of the Eighteenth Century. The patch fixes many small bugs and adds enhancements requested by the fans. Click HERE to download.
Thursday, March 23rd, 2000

1400Z: OpenPlane Studio Updated 1300Z: Soldier Of Fortune European Demo Patch
  • This patch enables the graphic options for the European Low Violence version found on several overseas magazines. This patch is for those people who have the low violence version of the demo. Click HERE to download from
Wednesday, March 22th, 2000

1400Z: SDOE Dynamic Mission Creator 1.1
  • Version 1.1 of the Dynamic Mission Creator has been released for Fighter Squadron:SDOE. Click HERE to download.
1350Z: F/A-18 Art Manager
  • Datajack and Fritzdog have created the F/A-18 Art Manager, a simple tool that allows you to manage your Jane's F/A-18 addons. These addons include cockpit art, aircraft skin art, plus more. Click HERE for more info.
1200Z: Got News?
  • If you have a story or information you want to share with us about a new fan site or add-on you have for your Combat Simulation, send us an EMAIL. Or if you have new artwork, a game mod, or an application and don't have any space to host it, send it to US and we'll post it to our FTP site.
Tuesday, March 21st, 2000

1427Z: DeltaForce 2 Used For Training
  • NovaLogic have announced that their own Delta Force 2 game is going to be used as a foundation for a U.S. Army training project. NovaLogic Systems will work with the Army's Training and Doctrine Command Analysis Center on the Land Warrior system. (Source: Adrenaline Vault)
1300Z: Heavy Gear II 3Com Fix
  • This fix for Heavy Gear II is only a single player fix for 3Com US Robotics Game Modem edition. Click HERE to download from (117kb)
1250Z: Panzer Campaigns: Smolensk '41 1200Z:Voodoo3 3500TV Drivers
  • 3DFX has posed Voodoo3 3500TV Windows 9x WHQL Drivers. Click HERE to download.
Monday, March 20th, 2000

2300Z: EAW Forum Down
  • The EAW Forum is temporarily under repairs. We hope to have it back up shortly.
1536Z: New SDOE Aircraft 1500Z: Flight Simulator 2000 Patch 2
  • Microsoft has released a patch for FS2000 which applies ground shadows to aircraft and buildings. Click HERE to download.
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