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Monday, February 7th, 2000
2:23PM - WDP 4.8 for Jane's Fleet Command
  • The Warship Database Project has been updated to version 4.8. There are many new improvements to the current edition released today. Click HERE for more information.
1:01PM - Shrapnel Games Ships Horse & Musket
  • Shrapnel Games announced today that they have started shipping their Eighteenth Century Wargame, Horse & Musket: Great Battles of the Eighteenth Century. Delays in development, combined with twenty inches of snow, delayed the game from shipping on its publicized timeframe of mid-January. Click HERE for more info.
10:25AM - FS:SDOE Making News
  • We at COMBATSIM.COM are amazed at the new developments with Fighter Squadron:SDOE. There have been many developments the past few months. New aircraft have been added, ground objects, moving WWII Aircraft Carriers, F-14 Tomcats, Zepplins, and something completely new and unexpected has emerged: WWI Aircraft. From the SE5a to the Albatros Dva, World War I is coming into play with realism and amazing detail. For information on the WWI projects, visit the WWI Openplane Project and Sv's OpenPlane Notes. For information on other downloads and to visit the Forum for SDOE, click HERE.
9:01AM - Warbirds 2.75 Beta
  • has posted the latest beta for Warbirds. It contains various improvements and a wide range of new aircraft. Click HERE to download.
  • Feature: To Padlock or Not to Padlock

    Biff Henderson dives head first into the issues surrounding the padlock view in today's flight simulations. The padlock is a topic hotly debated in our forums, and Biff addresses many of the current problems with the padlock view.

February 1st - 6th, 2000

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