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Friday, January 21, 2000
News from Rogue Spear dB
  • Everglide Mouse Pad Give-a-way

    Team-HDA is giving away an Everglide Mouse Pad in their contest. All you have to do is tell Prototype why you need a news mouse pad. Click HERE for more info.

  • Cheating in Rogue Spear

    Winterstick has written an article concerning cheating in Rogue Spear. In his article, he goes over all the known cheats in Rogue Spear. He doesn't tell you how to do the cheats, but with the knowledge of knowing where they are, you'll be able to catch the cheaters and boot them! Click HERE for more info.

  • Profiles in Rogue Spear

    Pie's Tactics is pleased to announce the addition of another special feature section! Called "Profiles in Rogue Spear," the section spotlights a RS/R6 community member. Click HERE for more info.

  • -=UMM=- Siberian Jungle Released

    This map, by GraveDiGGA, is another great map by him. This is the third re-textured map for UMM (Which will soon be moving to It turns the normally snow covered Siberian Base into a luscious green jungle, reminiscent of Amazon from the original Rainbow Six. NOTE: All of these maps are required by both the server and the client to play.

    • Download Siberian Jungle HERE
    • Download Saddam's Backyard HERE
    • Download the new barrel textures for Saddam's Backyard HERE
    • Download Jungle Bunkers HERE
Shogun: Total War Demo
  • Samurai Warfare on an epic scale, thousands of warriors in battle, 8 rival factions, intrigue, assassinations, subterfuge and honour. Realtime battles on a 3D terrain, all controlled with a simple "point and click". Click HERE to download from (95 Megs)
Thursday, January 20, 2000
Game Patches from Patch Scrolls
  • Beta 2 of F/A-18 Korea OpenGL upgrade (4 Megs)
  • Beta of Quake III Arena version 1.15b (1 Meg)
Gamespy 2.19 Shareware Released
  • Gamespy has released a new version of their product. Click HERE for more information.
Patches on
  • Aces High 0.48 - Click HERE just for the update, and HERE for the full version. (1 & 5.7 Megs)
  • Dawn of Aces Demo Updated - Click HERE to download (18 Megs)
Wednesday, January 19, 2000
  • Review: Jane's F/A 18

    The Skunkworks seemed to have one thing in mind when they made this sim: to make the pilot feel like they are an integral part of an air campaign. They focussed their efforts on what goes on OUTSIDE the cockpit, without leaving you behind in the systems realism arena.

Jane's Defence Weekly for 19 January 2000
  • NMD timescale is too tight for comfort
  • The proposed 2005 deployment of the US National Missile Defence (NMD) system could be delayed by at least a year by either technical or political problems, according to a US Department of Defense official.

  • South Korea buys 100 IAI Harpys

    South Korea has taken delivery of 100 Israel Aircraft Industries (IAI) Harpy anti-radar attack unmanned air vehicles in a $52 million deal.

  • MTR consortium wins deal to build engines for Tiger

    Germany's BWB procurement agency has awarded Europe's MTR consortium a DM430 million ($223.4 million) contract to produce an initial batch of 320 MTR 390 engines and associated spare parts for the Franco-German Eurocopter consortium's Tiger attack helicopter.

  • US Army may use Abrams engine to power Crusader

    The US Army is planning to buy a new engine for its fleet of M1 series Abrams main battle tanks that could also be used to lighten the Crusader self-propelled howitzer as stipulated in the army's recent Crusader restructuring plan.

  • USAF looks to accelerate development of advanced MILSATCOM

    The US Air Force (USAF) may accelerate development of its next generation of secure communications satellites to avoid the prohibitive cost of replacing a failed MILSTAR II satellite, according to Gen Richard Myers, chief of the US Space Command.

  • Recce 2000 trials to start by May

    The Belgian Army is expected to commence extensive trials by May of the 4 x 4 armoured vehicles shortlisted to meet its Reconnaissance 2000 (Recce 2000) requirement of 169 vehicles to enter service between 2002 and 2005.

  • Romania puts upgraded MBTs to the final test

    The Romanian Army is conducting final tests on 13 upgraded TR-85 M1 main battle tanks (MBTs), according to local media reports.

  • India and Myanmar look to bury years of distrust

    A landmark exchange of military visits earlier this month indicates a warming of relations between India and Myanmar, following years of distrust that have verged on open hostility.

  • India drops plan to upgrade its Sea Harrier fleet

    The Indian Navy has abandoned plans to upgrade its fleet of around 23 Sea Harrier fighters and will use the money allocated for the project to buy Russian MiG-29Ks for its aviation wing.

  • Israel set to lower troop presence in West Bank

    Israel plans to reduce its troop presence in the West Bank and Gaza Strip as part of cost-cutting measures. Military sources have said that the reduction will include soldiers deployed in Israeli settlements in both areas.

  • SDR on track, says UK White Paper

    The 1999 Defence White Paper says the UK government is on course to deliver its Strategic Defence Review.

  • Dassault splits operations in two

    France's Dassault Aviation has split its operations into fighter aircraft and business-jet units but has stopped short of turning them into affiliates out of deference to leading shareholders, Aerospatiale Matra.

Tuesday, January 18, 2000
Winners of our Mig Alley Contest!

And the winners are:
  • Jeff Antlocer
  • Bradley Biggar
  • Brett Bullock
  • Dave Carney
  • Mark De Leon
  • Mark Dunbar
  • H. J. Fontenot
  • John Gasparyan
  • Joseph Grepo
  • Michael Hawkins
  • Bruce Irving
  • Sarah Kobeski
  • Dan Litwack
  • Dusty Mattox
  • Fred Monreal
  • Wesley Netcher
  • Jeff Plumley
  • Owen Reese
  • Roger Salita
  • Daniel Wolfsberg
All the winners have been notified by email. If your name is here and you did not receive an email, send an inquiry to [email protected].

  • Link: Me262 Project

    You've heard all of the rumors, perhaps even seen a magazine article or two ... several Messerschmitt Me 262 jets are now under construction in the United States!!

  • B17 II: New Images

    B17 II continues to hold the fascination of sim fans around the world. Here is a close look at the FW 190, as well as the first look at the Me 262.

Janes USAF Patch
  • Electronic Arts has released the latest patch for USAF. The download link on their web site is currently broken, however check back during the day when the FTP server is working. Click HERE to download. (11.2 Megs)
Airport & Scenery Designer Updated
  • ASD V2.1 lets users import FS98 scenery into FS2000. Users will also be able to add roads, rivers, runways, taxiways, etc to FS2000's elevated mesh terrain without having to use the "flatten" switches. Also included in the upgrade are dozens of new and FS2000 tuned 3D macros. Click HERE for more information.
Novalogic Releases Tachyon Video
  • Novalogic has released a video of their upcoming game Tachyon: The Fringe, a space game due out this Spring. The Tachyon MPG has action-packed scenes from the game featuring Bruce Campbell, who is the voice behind the game's hero, Jake Logan. Click HERE to download the video.
Monday, January 17, 2000
  • Preview II: Ka52 Team Alligator

    Here is a second hands on report with a late beta. Team Alligator has plenty of atmosphere and is looking good, but I also have some concerns.

  • Warbirds 2.7.5b - has posted the full version of Warbirds 2.7.5b. It contains all 50 planes and cockpits. Click HERE to download (27 Megs)

  • Commands & Conquer: Tiberian Sun 1.17a - Westwood Studios have released an update for Tiberian Sun. Click HERE to download the North American AND Internation versions from
Golden Frag Contest @ RogueSpear dB
  • The Rogue Spear Database is giving away four copies of Rogue Spear in their "Golden Frag Contest". To enter, you'll have to hunt the Rogue Spear Database website far and wide to find hidden Golden Frags. Find at least one and you're eligiable, but the more you find, the better your chances are to win! For more information, visit the Rogue Spear Database and click on 'Contest'.
Warship dB Update
  • The Warship Database Project for Fleet Command is a massive overhaul of the original database files. V4.5 has just been released. This latest version includes over 190 new sensor types. For more information concerning the WDP for Fleet Command, click HERE.






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