CrimeCraft Review

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The biggest crime is the game design.

By Steve Butts, IGN

On the surface CrimeCraft is an appealing prospect. After all, everyone loves round-based shooters and everyone loves MMOs that have the word "craft" in them, so this persistent shooter should have a lot going for it right out of the gate. But before fully embracing the premise, the two questions we have to ask ourselves are whether the shooter action competes with the wealth of options already on the market and whether or not the MMO additions justify the subscription costs. While the shooter action is enjoyable, the MMO content feels incidental.

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THQ to Publish CrimeCraft, Exclusively At Best Buy

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THQ Inc. and Vogster Entertainment, LLC, today announced the upcoming release of CrimeCraft for Windows PC. Scheduled to ship across North America in August 2009, this highly-anticipated game will be available at retail exclusively at Best Buy stores and on Gamers can begin pre-ordering CrimeCraft in stores on June 7 or online beginning May 31.

CrimeCraft is a unique forerunner into a genre dominated by fantasy and sci-fi themes,” said Wim Stocks, senior vice president of strategic partnerships for THQ, CrimeCraft’s retail publisher. “The seamless merger of a cutting-edge shooter experience with the depth of online play normally reserved for MMOs has Crimecraft defying traditional genre classification.” PRESS RELEASE

For more game info, screens and trailers, please visit the official CrimeCraft Website.

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