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F22:ADF Patch Download

by Leonard "Viking1" Hjalmarson


STEP 1. Make sure you have a fresh install of F-22 Air Dominance Fighter on the PC you are downloading to. The patch will not install a version that has been run because of the way the program stores information. Its best to delete from Control Panel and then also delete any files left over on your hard disk.

STEP 2. Download the following file called webupdate.exe.bak. Once you have downloaded it, you'll need to rename it webupdate.exe. Once renamed, you can just double-click it to begin the patch procedure. When WEBUPDATE is run it will check your version of F-22 ADF, nationality and install type (Direct3D, Glide) and inform you of any possible updates. Some are finding they can run the update from anywhere, others find it best to place it in the \did\F22afd\program" directory first.

STEP 3. Make sure you are connected to the Internet before performing this step. Click the UPDATE button after which the update program will download the appropriate patch for your version. When the message No Updates Available appears, the patch has been successfully applied. Press QUIT .

The patch will be stored on your PC as a file named something similar to f22aerg1.exe. Store this file somewhere safe so that you can update your version of F-22 ADF should you happen to reinstall the game in the future.


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