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Red Baron 3D "Massive-Multi-Player"

by Major JG2 "FireCat!" Adjutant zu der Kommodore, Jagdgeschwader II, HQ

The MMP Environment

Red Baron MMP is run on servers provided free by Sierra and but is also run on many "rogue servers." This means that any player can set up their computer to host a game that anyone can join. The server software is included with the main program. The settings of the game environment are variable, so you can offer game environments the way you personally like them.

Many of the MMP players are in squadrons and you'll see the initials of their squads in front of their callsigns. I belong to a German squad named Jagdgeschwader II, and wear the abbreviated initials JG2 in front of my callsign.

Bridge Busting

Another characteristic of Red Baron 3D, as with Warbirds, Dawn of Aces and Air Warrior, is that this sim has a large and devoted on-line community of players. What this means to new players is that we are devoted to helping new-comers become familiar with the game so they will play on a regular basis. We know that some things can be confusing at first and so do all we can to answer questions and help out. If you have tried playing on-line games and weren't that successful or simply don't know what it is all about, please try Red Baron 3D. It really is easy and very rewarding.

Getting Around

Flying these WWI birds is a much different experience than WWII prop planes, and of course hardly comparable to flying and managing the complex weapon systems involved in jet fighter sims. Here you have just one trigger that fires your single or dual machine guns, and a few primitive bombs and rockets for dropping or firing on enemy ground targets.

Dogfighting against real people is the E-Ticket here, understanding and using the raw principals of flight and tactical aerial combat maneuvers that were invented in WWI. Red Baron 3D puts you there, and gives you what you need to learn to battle your way through and soar amongst other pilots like yourself.

Some planes are easy to fly, some are challenging; some turn sharp, others don't and the pilot must rely on speed or fire power. Whichever aircraft you choose, in order to be successful you must master its strengths while noting its weaknesses.

2d Cockpit

On the Allied side, the easier ones are the Neiuports, especially the Neiuport 28. The SPAD XIII and the S.E.5a are fast, but don't turn well. The Camel is the hardest to fly, and takes a while to learn, but the effort can pay off in dividends.

On the German side, the Fokker D.VII is the strongest overall. The Albatross D.III is the easiest to fly, but the top wing is very fragile. The plane will hold together fine until you get shot up a little, then you have to be very careful, lest your top wing separates from the fuselage. The Fokker Dr.1 (triplane) is the hardest of the German planes to master.

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2d Cockpit

To Fly and Fight

Red Baron has excellent padlocked slewing views from the cockpit that allow you to keep an eye on your opponent at all times. In fact the abundance of versatile and well-designed internal and external views give you many options to find your opponents and to keep track of where everyone else is. Situational Awareness is essential in the furballs you're about to encounter, and this sim gives you the views you need to maintain it.

And now the moment has finally come where it's time to show 'em what you can do. Tactics is something you will learn first on paper, and then in real time by trial and error, mostly by error. But I can give you one piece of advice up front: stay high.

Height can be translated into energy and energy management is very important in this game; learn how to maintain it, or you will end up dying a lot. The rest is up to you.

Damage Model
Notice damage to wings and tail.

Shoot down the enemy, but watch your ammo. When you run out, you must return to an aerodrome on your side to reload, and the ground crew will also repair your plane as necessary. If the aerodrome you return to is in flames and has been destroyed, you'll have to go to another for repairs and ammo.

Finer Points

Aiming is very important in Red Baron. Although armor was not used in planes of WWI, it's not easy shooting down one of these birds. Passing hundreds of bullets though the fabric covering is not going to do it. You must hit items vital to the aircraft such as the engine, wing struts, petrol tank, or pilot, and your ammo is not unlimited!


Consequently, dogfights among pilots of equal skill can last a long time, just as they did then. It usually takes more than a few good bursts from one pilot to bring you down. This works both ways. Your plane also can take some damage and yet still give you enough control to sustain the fight and possibly gain the upper hand.

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