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Total Air War Update
by Leonard "Viking1" Hjalmarson

Test System:

  • PII 300, ASUS P2L97
  • 96 meg SDRam
  • Toshiba 24x CD
  • Iomega ZIP
  • TB Malibu
  • Viewsonic G790
  • Quickshot Masterpilot
  • WIN98

In early September I wrote my first hands on report based on the Gold master for Total Air War (click HERE. At the time I made a big assumption: that TAW had the same D3d support as ADF. Happily, this is not the case!

With F22 ADF one really needed Glide (3dfx) to get the most out of the sim. While the odd user has reported an occasional pallette quirk under D3d, TAW runs great under D3d and I've now had a chance to test on both TNT (STB V4400) as well as Wicked3d's Vengeance.

TAW under TNT at 800x600. Click for 120K.

TAW under TNT at 800x600. Click for 120K.

Total Air War under TNT looks and runs great. On my PII 300 the frame rate under DX6 is excellent. Graphics are as sharp and crisp as Glide, and clouds look great. Oddly, ALT 7 (anti-aliasing) doesn't seem to work under D3d, but this only affects outside views of objects anyway...

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TAW Banshee
TAW under Wicked3d Vengeance (Banshee) at 800x600. Click for 120K.

I also ran TAW on my new Wicked3d Vengeance board. I had no trouble here either and the image above is a shot from Direct3d with a Vengeance... ;-D

With the ability to run TAW under D3d with the same quality as Glide, and with a patch for Janes F15 and Direct3d well under way, it seems like we are near to a transition to a new king of APIs: DX6 is DirectX come of age. I wonder if there is a party planned?

Watch for a new review of Total Air War soon, by the famous Doctor Steven Chmura. Meantime, check out our INDEX) for past previews and first looks at the Gold Master. Watch later this week for a surprise first look at a sim just hitting beta.

Finally, some of you have been having difficulty getting wingmen to taxi. Here is a somewhat complex procedure that is guaranteed to work: Taxi procedure.

I received a question yesterday from a TAW owner disappointed that ADF's Quick Combat is not present, but you can make your own in a much more dynamic environment. Select Scramble in War Room, and once in your F22 you can land and rearm and refuel to your heart's content, or jump into a CAP flight from the AWACS module and do the same. Works great for me when I want to keep fighting on!

Total Air War was released today in the US. At the moment there is no certainty of a patch, but I think there are enough small issues with the release that we will see one soon...

"Infogrames will offer a $15 rebate to existing ADF owners. To receive the rebate, they’ll need to mail to Infogrames the back cover of their ADF manual, the UPC code from the back of the TAW box, the original purchase receipt, and the TAW upgrade coupon. The upgrade offer has an expiration date of Jan. 31, 1999. Furthermore, those that purchase TAW also will receive a coupon good for $10 off the purchase of Independence War.



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