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Total Air War Update
by Leonard "Viking1" Hjalmarson

Take Off Taxi Procedure

1) As soon as you get into the mission go to emcon manual5, If the tower asks you to go to emcon 5 then check you are in E5 and copy

2) Wait for clearance to taxi to runway, this may be beyond The towers planned takeoff time due to heavy air traffic, Especially if the base is under attack, but you will be given Clearance eventually. If you get tired of waiting, Shift T will Speed up game time and shift S will skip to the next event,

3) The tower will tell you "CLEARED FOR TAXI TO RUNWAY, HOLD" Press "y" to copy the towers message

4) Using the wingmen commands menu, tell your wingmen to "PUSH 1"

5) Follow the HUD direction carets to the runway, if you do not Follow the route marked by the carets then the wingmen will Stay parked. If you do not hold on the area of taxiway indicated by the Carets you will not get clearance to line up

Click to continue . . .


6) Come to halt on the taxiway just before the runway. (Complete halt, apply the brake)the message "LEAD, ON THE HOLD" appears. If you do not hold on the area of taxiway indicated by the Carets you will not get clarance to line up.

7) Wait to be told to "LINE UP" by the tower

8) Taxi onto runway (keep up a sensible speed and be aware of The fact your wingman is behind you) line up on the right hand Farthest marker (the single line marker)

9) When both you and your wingmen are in place you will be Given clearance to take off.

Be aware that wingmen will perform emergency rough takeoff procedures If you give them high priority commands while they are on the ground, This is a desperate measure and a very high-risk procedure it is not Unlikely that one of your wingmen will be unable to slow down in time To avoid an obstacle in his path. Or will risk using an obstructed Runway in the hope that he gains enough lift to clear the obstruction In time.



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