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The final steps are to develop Mission parameters and write the order using the built in word processor.

The Mission parameters screen.  Set names, short description, and victory conditions here.
Fig. 7. The Mission parameters screen

In order to develop a good scenario, they player would be wise to assemble a great deal of reference material: a map of the region or a sketch map of the area made by the author, a detailed order of battle list for both sides (of course, the player can always choose existing ones), develop a matrix that ensures that each weapon can engage every vehicle in the scenario, and a strict list of victory conditions. After the scenario is developed, multiple plays are required to ensure that the system is balanced.

Excellent on-line and Internet help will assist the player in developing scenarios, but nothing is as helpful as getting in and building scenarios. As always, Proctor will answer questions individually or those posted to groups or bulletin boards, and has also indicated a willingness to post maps requested by players, especially if the requestor has a paper map or digital files.

At this point, there are enough primary products out of BCT (Basic game, two expansion sets, and the construction set) that Shrapnel should offer a CD of all these products instead of relying on Internet download. Downloading, while inexpensive, is tedious, and if you have to reload your computer, you stand to lose many of your files, although, I suppose if you have a read-write CD-ROM drive, you can back up the files for your own use.

If you like BCT, you must have this product, particularly if you are military officer using it for training, have problems with some of the vehicle statistics, or merely want to study modern war in more detail.

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