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Weekend October 16-17, 1999
Follow-up on Lloyd Mod Virus Scare
  • MovingTarget at Rogue Spear.Net sent in the following, information about Lloyds mod.

    Attn. Lloyd Bailey,
    Thank you for your email dated Thursday, October 14, 1999.
    Our Virus Lab. has checked the file, LWM4.exe, from your web site and report the following:
    "The LWM4.exe file detected as "Backdoor.IMailer" by another anti-virus product is harmless. It looks like a false alarm. The file is an installer using a product called Paquet Builder. It is the Paquet Builder software that the other anti-virus product detects."
    I hope this helps.
    Steve Trusler
    Systems Engineer
    Computer Associates Pty Ltd

    Thanks to MT for the update!
  • Microsoft today announced that Fighter Ace II, the MSN Gaming Zone's massively multiplayer World War II air combat game, is now in public beta. On schedule to be released in December 1999, Fighter Ace II allows more than 300 pilots to fight in a single air combat arena from the cockpit of any one of more than 25 World War II vintage fighters and bombers.
Wings Over China Gone Gold
  • This addon for Microsoft Combat Flight Simulator recreates the battles of the famed American Volunteer Group - more commonly known as the Flying Tigers - under General Clair Chennault. Before the USAAF entered World War II - this group fought valiantly to keep China from falling to the Japanese.

    Wings Over China includes new aircraft: P-40B Tomahawk, P-40E Kittyhawk, F2A Buffalo, Bristol Blenheim MkIV, B-25C Mitchell, SB-3 Tupelov, Ki-27 Kate, Ki-43 Oscar, A6M Zero, Ki-21 Sally, Ki-48 Lily and Ki-30 Ann. In keeping with our other two CFS add-ons - Pacific Theatre and Battle For Midway - this new software includes our exclusive exploding scenery and twenty top notch, high performance missions based on the authentic historic events. Some of the missions will have you flying the "Hump" - the Himalayas - and over some of the most rugged territory in Southeast Asia.

    For more information, click here
Friday, October 15, 1999
New @ COMBATSIM.COM Rogue Spear Interview
  • The Rogue Spear Database has in interview with Red Storm employee Greg Stelmack, who worked on Rogue Spear. The interview can be read here.
Free Warbirds Weekend Oct 15-17
  • Warbirds is offering a free weekend of online playing from the October 15-17 this weekend. To sing up for the free weekend, click here. Five people who sign up will win $20 worth of online time.
Flight Unlimited III Patch News
  • For those of you waiting for a patch on FU-III, Sandra from Look Glass sent us an email with some details:

    "I just wanted to let you know some of the things you will find in the Flight Unlimited 3 patch when we release it at the end of this month. The key item we are addressing is providing a boost to frame rates. Besides several code optimizations, we have added a function that stops rendering taxiway lines and signs as soon as you take off, which makes landing and flying near big airports smoother. We also tweaked the options sliders to allow for a wider range of settings, such as expanding the lowest range of the terrain detail slider for slower systems.

    The net effect of these changes should enable most users to achieve a modest increase in frame rates, typically with minimal or no tradeoff in visual quality. We will also be augmenting the README file with benchmarks and suggested configuration settings for different systems.

    We are also addressing some other problems and shortcomings people have encountered, including:
    - The ability to change the colors of the ATC popup menus.
    - The in-flight map will be fixed so that turnpoint buttons in the in-flight map will bring up the runways/ILS popup.
    - The crash that occurs with a typical install when CD2 is not in the drive will be fixed.
    - Landing gear damage in flight recordings will be fixed if you land correctly.
    - The water sound will no longer continue after you have taxied the Renegade out of the water and onto land.
    - Key binding fixes.

    We are putting the patch through a complete testing cycle, both at LGS and at EA, which takes a litle extra time. Thanks for your patience while we finish up the patch."

Thursday, October 14, 1999
New @ COMBATSIM.COM Release Date For USAF
  • FlightSim.Com is reporting that Janes USAF is expected to arrive in stores on October 21.
New at False Virus Alert with Lloyd's Mod
  • Rogue Spear Retreat is reporting that the virus alert that went out yesterday about Lloyd's weapon mods was a false alarm. You can download the mod here: Lloyds Mod
WingMan Software 3.30 Final (build 532) is released
  • The Wingman Team has released the latest software drivers for Logitech's Wingman controllers. Here are some of the new features in WingMan Profiler:
    • Added menus to the Profiler to make it easier to use.
    • Added game-specific device support. Now it is possible to set force values (strength and centering spring strength/enable) on a per-game basis. Also, you can select combined/separate pedals per game
    • Improved applying of profiles on game launch.
    • New profiles have been added to the profile database
    • Fixed resource and memory leaks.
    • Pedal movements have sound effects to them
    • Holding down SHIFT during calibration steps forces the control panel to accept the calibration values. Use this with caution, and only if you don't manage to get a good calibration with the normal steps.
    • Fixed force issues with MechWarrior3
    • Fixed severe frame rate slowdown when using force feedback with a number of games from Novalogic, most notably F22 Lightning 3.
    • Added support for the new devices (WingMan Gamepad, WingMan Gamepad Extreme, WingMan Formula (yellow), WingMan Extreme Digital 3D, and WingMan Force Feedback Mouse)

    Click here to download: Wingman 3.30
Wednesday, October 13, 1999
New Articles @ COMBATSIM.COM B-17II Intro Movie
  • Bombs-Away.Net has posted the 30 Meg intro movie into the eagerly awaited B-17II due out early next year. The movie is also available in a lower quality Real Audio format for low bandwidth viewers. (Thanks Tamir)
Possible Virus in Lloyd's Weapon Mod 4.0
  • Several users at RogueSpear.Net have reported that Lloyd's Weapon Mod 4.0 contains a virus called "Backdoor" in both the install and uninstall applications. Please avoid downloading this application until a clean version has been posted.
Rainbow 6 Gold Edition and Rogue Spear in Top 3
  • PC Data is reporting that last Week, Rogue Spear was the 2nd hottest selling title with the Gold Edition of Rainbow6 taking 3rd.
New from Nations - WWII Fighter Command has Gone Gold
  • GoneGold is reporting that Psygnosis has informed them that WWII FC has gone gold and is expected to hit the shelves later this week. To view the FC web site, click here.
US, UK Agree on Tactical Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (TUAV) Explorations
  • The U.S. Army and the United Kingdom's Ministry of Defence today launched a joint initiative to explore the use of Tactical Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (TUAV) on future battlefields. The agreed upon Letter of Intent opens the way for exploring opportunities for future cooperation on TUAVs for military forces. The work carried out under this agreement will lay the framework for potential cooperative efforts that could result in significant economies and ensure higher levels of interoperability among the nations' TUAV systems.

    TUAVs from the U.S. and the UK played a major, successful role in NATO operations in Kosovo and performed a wide range of missions. As a result of this agreement, work will consider the operational lessons learned in Kosovo and their applicability for future TUAV requirements, in particular, linkage with other Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (ISR), Strike, and Command, Control, Communications, Computers and Intelligence (C4I) systems. The output from this joint initiative is expected to assist other US/UK national TUAV programs.

    The agreement was signed at the Association of the United States Army Annual Meeting in Washington, D.C. by Lt. Gen. Paul Kern (Military Deputy to the Assistant Secretary of the Army for Acquisition, Logistics and Technology) for the United States, and by Major General David Jenkins (Master General of the Ordnance and an Executive Director of the Defence Procurement Agency) for the United Kingdom.
Tuesday, October 12
New Rogue Spear Mods
  • RogueSpear.Net has two new mods for Rogue Spear mods:
    • Lloyd's Weapon Mod 4.0
      • New primaries (boosts the total to 142)
      • New secondaries (boosts the total to 25)
      • New sounds
      • Custom reticles
      • Six new Ammo types including FN 5.7x28mm, 5.8x42mm Chinese, 7.62x45mm Czech, .224 BOZ, .338 Lapua Magnum, 9x18mm Makarov,
      • Plus suppressed versions of 5.56, 7.62x51, 7.62x39, and .50 AE.
      • Ten new weapon models and textures You can download the mod here: LM4.0 (Ed Note: app has a virus. Will post clean version later)
    • AF RS MOD 1.1 - The long awaited AF RS Mod 1.1 is now ready for download. The mod includes one map mod which is a modified Sargasso Fade. It allows the tower to be a starting point in multiplayer. The mod also includes 30 new weapons - ranging from the silenced Barett to the M203 grenade launcher. You can download the mod here: AFRSMOD1.1
Downloads from
  • Voodoo3 Macintosh OS 8.x Beta Drivers - Features greatly expanded 2D mode list, Mode list is overridable by the user and Bug fixes to 2D acceleration code.NOTES: These drivers will only work on Apple Macintosh systems. They are primarily intended for use by programmers wishing to develop applications utilizing the Glide API on the Macintosh platform. 3dfx will not offer end-user support nor warrant any hardware used in association with these drivers. Click here to download: V3 Mac

  • New OpenGL DooM Legacy - The new Doom Legacy (play good old Doom in OpenGL) now includes the proper doom3.wad for those who had an out-of-date version, and the automap bug has been fixed. The file link on the Doom Legacy home page is wrong, but we have the file locally for you. You can download the files here: OpenGL Doom

  • Asus V3400/V3800 Drivers - Asus has released new drivers and tweak utility over on the ASUS Germany site. These drivers are for the V3400/V3800 TNT series cards and take them up to version 2.25 final. Click here to download: Asus Drivers

  • (For our Canuck Fans)Canadian Football League 99 Demo - From the "Not 3D, But Were Bored Department" comes a demo of Canadian Football League 99 from Winter Valley Software. Heres what they say: "For years we at Winter Valley have wanted a football simulation that provided us with, not only the standard player trading features and arcade style of play, but real football rules. It simply didn't exist, so we decided to build it. That's right! No longer do football sim fans have to play their game the Not Football League way. Real Football with Real Football Rules." Click here to download: CFL99 Demo

  • Codename Eagle Demo Patch - This patch provides Voodoo1/2/3 support (using Glide), Load/Save function, an all new scoring system, as well as several in game tweaks and fixes for the demo. Click here to download: Eagle Patch

  • The US Department of Defense announced today that tentative agreements have been reached between DoD officials and the North Korean government to resume the search for and transfer of remains of Americans missing in action from the Korean War. Delegations from both countries will meet in mid-October to work out details. Operations to recover American remains from North Korea began in 1996, but were halted in June of this year in a dispute over the method of repatriating the remains.

    Robert L. Jones, deputy assistant secretary of Defense for POW/Missing Personnel, will lead a delegation to Pyongyang in late October to accept the remains of what is believed to be four American soldiers. Since recovery operations began in July 1996, the U.S. Army's Central Identification Laboratory in Hawaii has recovered 39 sets of remains, of which three have been positively identified.

    Jones hails these new agreements as a breakthrough to the standoff that has plagued recovery operations in the past months. With these agreements, DoD teams will be allowed to immediately resume recovery operations.
Research Project Launches Technical Assault on Hidden, Moving Targets
  • Enemy forces will have a harder time hiding from U.S. air power in the future if current research projects prove effective.

    Despite the sophistication of U.S. surveillance and intelligence systems, three classes of targets are still troublesome for U.S. air forces. These include moving targets, mobile surface-to-air missile radar sites, and camouflaged targets. Without putting a human eye on these targets, they often remain elusive and cannot be destroyed.

    The Defense Advanced Research Agency has launched a technical assault to lift the fog of war surrounding these targets and replace it with a clear picture of what and where enemy forces are located at any given moment in time. Specifically, the agency's research efforts are focused on:
    • Improving the capabilities of sensors to find and accurately identify targets.
    • Creating networking capabilities that combine and process information from various sensing systems.
    • Developing new radar to see through camouflage.
Holiday Long Weekend, October 9-11, 1999
Australians Return Fire At Indonesian Forces
  • Australian and Indonesian forces yesterday exchanged fire near the boarder town of Motaain killing one and wounding two Indonesian police. The conflict arose over an error in the Indonesian commanders map which had been drawn by the Dutch in 1933.

    Most of the INTERFET forces are now securing the boarder between east and west Timor. Australian Brigadier Mark Evans will command a 3000 strong force named Westforce which will be supported by light armoured vehicles and armoured personnel carriers.

    On Saturday SAS troopers shot dead another armed commando. Reliable Australian Military sources said the soldier was Indonesian not Timorese. Singapore's Sunday Times reported yesterday that about 6000 militia were being trained by up to 450 defectors from the Indonesian armed forces.
FlightSim 2000 Goes Gold
  • Microsoft announced Friday that Flight Simulator 2000 has gone gold. This means the product is completed and is expected to start showing up on store shelves in the U.S. in mid-October and mid-November in Europe.
PowerStrip 2.52 released
  • PowerStrip 2.52 is now available for downloading, with preliminary support for the GeForce256, improved control over the Permedia3 and Oxygen/VX1, and some other improvements all around with respect to custom CRTC timings, in-game gamma adjustment, etc. The 667kb file can be downloaded from here.
Rogue Spear Patch in Testing
  • Rogue Spear Retreat is reporting that Greg Stelmack has dropped some hints at the RSE forums that the upcoming RS patch is currently undergoing testing. It appears RSE has tracked down what has been hogging some bandwidth in multiplayer games: "We found a message that was being sent a lot more often than it needed to be (caused by a late bug fix). That will cut bandwidth usage down quite a bit, which is what is causing most people's lag."

    Also, he says the patch will make a change to the "Ready to Continue" process at the end of a game. Instead of sending a chat message, the ready indicators have been brought over from the start screen and will change from red to green as each player hits their button.






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