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Friday, August 4th, 2000

1708Z: S3 Shuts Down Diamond Multimedia
  • S3 today announced that it has initiated the shutdown of its Diamond MultimediaTM-branded graphics add-in board business. S3 will continue to supply and support its OEM customers, channel partners and end-users for the existing line of Diamond Multimedia-branded PC graphics add-in cards, but will cease development of follow-on products. Click HERE to read the S3 Press Release.
1700Z: Surveys on COMBATSIM.COM
  • Just a reminder to visit our Game Purchase and Controllers Surveys. The Game Purchase survey spans all combat simulations and strategy games you plan to buy up to Q1 2001. Click HERE to visit. Our Controllers survey includes almost every joystick, throttle and rudder pedal ever made. Click HERE to visit.
1639Z: Gunship! Flight Model Fix
  • Thisky from Check Six have send us a patch for Gunship! that addresses the Flight Model problem. Two weeks ago, Hasbro released the long-awaited patch for Gunship!. Problems still remained, however, after the patch. Check Six's Thisky worked with Scott Spanburg, Gunship! Executive Producer to help resolve the problem and create a fix. The result from their efforts is the patch that tweaks the Gunship! configuration files. Click HERE to download.
1600Z: Steel Beasts is Gold
  • Shrapnel Games announced today that the highly anticipated tank simulation, Steel Beasts, has been sent to duplication and is scheduled for shipment starting August 22, 2000. More details can be found on their website at
1544Z: Private Wars Info
  • Three new screenshots have been released showing Private Wars latest feature. Click HERE to visit.
1105Z: Lowland Tiger Meet 2000
  • For our readers in Amsterdam, the Last Resort Clan is hosting Lowland Tiger Meet 2000, a lan party in September. Click HERE for more info.
1010Z: GameLive launching Hexadome V2.1
  • GameLive, a site dedicated to web-based games, is launching version 2.1 of the multiplayer strategy game Hexadome. The game will now be available to all players worldwide. Click HERE for more info.
Thursday, August 3rd, 2000

1724Z: Warship dB Project Preview
  • The second preview of the upcoming Warship Database Project V10 for Fleet Command has been posted on the Naval Warfare Simulations Website. Click HERE to view.
1720Z: Troff's Art Gallery Update
  • Troffmeister's Flight Sim Screen Shot Art Gallery has added a new section for F16 Agressor, as a special focus gallery. Click HERE to visit the Gallery.
1715Z: Pie's Tactics News
  • Pie's Tactics has mirrored the official Covert Ops Video Trailer. Normally, the trailer would only be available as a "prize" by taking the Covert Exam on Red Storm's Covert Ops Official Site. Rainbow Six: Covert Ops is the latest edition in the Rogue Spear series, and is scheduled for a US release in late August.
Wednesday, August 2nd, 2000

1600: Flashpoint Unit of the Week
  • Flashpoints's Unit of the Week is the T-72M1. Click HERE to view.
1549Z: SAR2 Website Up
  • The Search And Rescue 2 website is now up for viewing. It contains a variety of in-game screenshots and other information. Click HERE to view.
1445Z: Me163 Komet Replicas
  • Xcor Aerospace of Mojave, California have announced their attempt to build a flying replica of the Me-163, the world's only pure rocket-powered combat aircraft. The Messerschmitt Me163 Komet, made operational by a desperate Germany in the closing months of World War II, is known for it's dangerous flight characteristics. Xcor hope to have your flyable Me163 in a little over two years.
0812Z: Combat Mission Mods
  • If you are a Combat Mission player, you'll be pleased to find that Combat Mission HQ News is hosting a variety of mods for Combat Mission. Click HERE to visit.
Tuesday, August 1st, 2000

1801Z: COMBATSIM.COM August Desktops

  • We have posted our August Desktop Calendar, and non-dated version. Simply click on the images above to install or view. Also available is a custom Flanker 2.0 August Calendar from Dalibor Jovanovic.
1651Z: TAW and F22 ADF Patches
  • Over the past year, we have received hundreds of emails from our readers looking to patch F22 Air Dominance Fighter (ADF) or Total Air War (TAW), both former DID titles. Infogrames is currently hosting the patches. Click on the image above to visit the site for the English Update or HERE for the German Editions.
1645Z: Flanker 2.0 Improvements
  • Drapeau's site of Flanker 2.0 improvements contains shadow, lights, afterburner, canopy, cockpit and sound improvements. Click HERE to visit his site.
1353Z: The Sherman Project
  • For those of you who were waiting for this new Halflife add-on, you will have to wait indefinately as the team behind The Sherman Project have closed their web site. Click on their logo above for complete details.
1300Z: Temporary Tango V2.0 Gold
  • Chris Abele has posted a focus article on the Temporary Tango V2.0 Gold MOD for Rogue Spear on his web site, Pie's Tactics. Temporary Tango is a MOD based on the terrorists' perspective in Rogue Spear. Click on the image above to view.
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