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Friday, July 21st, 2000

1700Z: Naval Warfare Simulations Announcement
  • The NWS team has announced their plans for the next upgrade for the Warship Database Project(WDP) and Fleet Command (FC) Game Engine. With the combined efforts of Mike Kolar and the NWS team, the FC Game Engine is being updated to version 1.3 and will include over 50 fixes and enhancements. Version 10 of the WDP will also include The Falklands War 1982 mod. Added are 15 new graphics and several new modern warfare weapons. The NWS team hopes to have the update released within the next seven to fourteen days. Click HERE for more info.
1645Z: Steel Beasts Gold Date Announced
  • Shrapnel Games and developer eSim Games announced the updated Gold date for Steel Beasts as August 4th. The new Gold will incorporate additional features including new vehicle models such as variations on the M113 and BRDM3. Steel Beasts is a tank simulation set in modern times that allows you to take it to the former Warsaw Pact forces in either the M1A1 or the Leopard 2A4. Included with this are modeling for artillery, smoke, mine fields, and much more. To round out the package you will be able to play the game versus others with full multiplayer support and design your own maps and missions with the included editors. Shrapnel Games plans on shipping the final version starting on August 21st. Click HERE for more info.
1602Z: Fighter Ace II Combat Flight School Moved 0600Z: Falcon 4.0 Community Webserver
  • The Falcon 4.0 Community webserver is offering free webspace for all Falcon 4.0 Virtual Squadrons. The F4CWS can be found at There are no fees, banner ads, or pop-up windows promised for hosted sites.
0535Z: Weekly CPU Prices
  • Sharky Extreme has posted their Weekly CPU Prices. Click HERE to view.
Thursday, July 20th, 2000

2359Z: Gunship! US Patch
  • We have received the patch for Gunship! from Microprose. Click HERE to download.
1757Z: iBeta RP3 Mod
  • iBeta's site is back up and so is the link to their Realism Patch V3.0. Click HERE to download.
1745Z: Falcon 4.0 F4Patch Updated
  • The latest version of the F4Patch for Falcon 4.0 has been released (V1.4.1). Click HERE to download.
1731Z: Project IGI Website Up
  • Edios has created a web site for their new FPS game called Project I'm-Going-In. Click HERE to view. (Requires Flash 4.0)
1700Z: Intel pushes back schedule for Itanium chip
  • Intel has delated Itanium schedule as the company stated it needed another revision to the chip. Intel said it won't start receiving revenue from the Itanium chip, the company's first 64-bit processor, until the fourth quarter of this year. The company earlier expected revenue to begin in the third quarter. Click HERE for complete story details.
1623Z: Microsoft to publish more titles on MAC
  • Microsoft Corp. today announced its intent to form a games publishing alliance with Bungie, a new startup company headed by Peter Tamte, who was the founder of MacSoft, former senior director of worldwide consumer marketing for Apple Computer Inc. and former executive vice president of Bungie Software Products Corp. The proposal, announced at the MACWORLD Conference & Expo, enables the new company to bring select Microsoft® games to the Macintosh platform. Among the first titles expected to be published for the Macintosh include the best-selling real-time strategy game "Age of Empires® II: The Age of Kings®," and "Flight Simulator."
Wednesday, July 19th, 2000

2104Z: COMBATSIM.COM's Controller Survey 1758Z: Red Alert 2 Movies
  • Westwood Studios have posted two short movies for Red Alert 2. Click HERE to view in 320x240 and HERE for 640x480. (both 17 Mb)
1730Z: Sharky Extreme Buyers Guide
  • Sharky Extreme have posted a 'High-End' PC Buyers Guide. Click HERE to view.
Tuesday, July 18th, 2000

1944Z: B-1B Cockpit for Falcon 4.0

  • The 440th "AngelDust" Virtual Fighter Squadron have released the first edition of the B-1B Cockpit for Falcon 4.0. Click HERE to download and for more info.
1742Z: Rogue Spear Petition
  • In a movement to make the community demand for the ability to create new maps in Rainbow Six and Rogue Spear more visible to Red Storm Entertainment, the RSE Plug-in Petition ( page has been created. This site was started by Snicker from Rogue Spear Retreat ( and Pie4foo of Pie’s Tactics ( to coordinate the communities interest in the ability to create new maps using 3ds Max and plug-ins that RSE has currently not released. Click HERE to visit the site and for more information on the petition.
1700Z: Official dB for Pilots Moved
  • The Official Database for Pilots has moved to They have expanded their Flight Board with twenty three new Flight Sims, each with it's own Briefing Room.
Monday, July 17th, 2000

1727Z: Mig Alley Winter Terrain Mod

  • Alexander Alonso's Mig Alley Winter Mod is available for download at FlyandFight. Click HERE to download.
1712Z: Delta Force-Land Warrior Screens
  • Novalogic has made available the first 5 screenshots of their forthcoming sequel to DF2: DF-Land Warrior. has placed the 5 screenshots on their website available for the public. Click HERE to view.
1700Z: Crimson Skies Fan Site Contest
  • Microsoft have announced that the deadline to enter the "Best Crimson Skies Fan Site Contest" has been extended to July 31, giving air pirates an additional two weeks to complete their sites. The "Best Crimson Skies Fan Site Contest" is offering two grand prize trips to the Microsoft campus in Redmond, Washington, to meet the design team behind this innovative game. Click HERE for more info.
1630Z: Fighter Ace II Event
  • Microsoft have announced that registration for Fighter Ace II's massively multiplayer "The Thriller for Manila" is now underway on ( "The Thriller for Manila," which takes place on July 30, is the latest in a series of semi-historical events taking place on for Fighter Ace II. With upwards of 1000 registered flyers, these events feature detailed operational plans and player command staffs. To take part, flyers must register by July 23. Click HERE for more info.
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