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Friday, January 14, 2000
Downloads Department Update
  • As you are all probably aware, we've been wrestling with new technology for our Downloads and Links Department for the past month or so. Well, we THINK we have worked out all the bugs. We just squashed a giant bug that was making links to our FTP servers inactive. The new system is now much faster and capacity has once again been increased. As always, I am interested in any problems you may be encountering with our downloads and links, so don't hesitate to send me a note at [email protected] if you think something is busted with the system or a link is dead.
  • Feature: Twin Hornets at High Noon

    The debate rages on: which is the greatest, most realistic F18 simulation out there? Is it DI's Super Hornet, or Jane's? With both products finished, we take another look.

New @ Shrapnel Games and ProSIM
  • Shrapnel Games have announced that they have entered into a multi game publishing agreement with ProSIM Company. Click HERE for more information.
Janes' F18 to Hit Store Shelves Today
  • Although we have reports that Babbages has already released Janes F/A-18, the official release date it today. Look for it on store shelves!
Rogue Spear Mods @ RogueSpear dB
  • Jungle Base II - A re-textured Siberian Base II with jungle textures. Based on Misko's Jungle Base I. This modd is a host/client mod and includes two multiplayer missions.
  • Dawg Pound Weapon Mod v2.1 - New weapon mod which includes 36 weapons, an uninstaller, new in-game weapon texures, new bullet-hole textures, 3 new ammo types, richer sounds and weapon pics, more frags, flashbangs, etc. and bug fixes from the previous version.
  • Terrorist Enhancement - This mod will give you smarter, and tougher terrorist AI. This mod edits the terrorist actor files to make them quicker and fiercer.
  • Miami Vice Skins v1.2 - Skin mod that overwrites the Desert 1 Ligh Uniform with a shorts/t-shirt skin complete with beach hat and sandles. Uninstall is available here.
  • Operative Hack - This hack will give every operative 100 points in all attributes.
Thursday, January 13, 1999
Wednesday, January 12, 2000
  • Review: Quantum Fireball Plus KX

    With ATA 66 now supported on the new mainboards, purchasing a new hard drive means a choice between one of the new generation of UDMA drives. The Fireball Plus KX drives run at 7200RPM and support the Ultra ATA/66 interface.

  • Review: Super Hornet

    With most of the features serious sim fans demand, does Super Hornet make the cut? Check out "Snacko's" latest review.

Fighter Ace II Event
  • Microsoft announced yesterday that registration for Fighter Ace II's Raid on Schweinfurt is now underway. Raid on Schweinfurt, which takes place on January 16, is the first in a series of semi-historical events taking place on the Zone for Fighter Ace II. Click HERE for more info.
GameSpy Updated
  • Version 2.19 of GameSpy 3D has been released for registered users only, with full support for Quake III Arena and Battlezone II, and improved support for Unreal Tournament. Click HERE to download.
Robotos Soundpack 1.0 for Warbirds
  • Incognito Soundworks has released the Robotos soundpack 1.0 for Warbirds. The soundpack will enhance the default sounds. All engines, armament, hydraulics etc. have been improved. Click HERE for more information. The Robotos soundpack is a 26MB download.
New Matrox G400 Drivers
  • A new Matrox Beta Driver (version 5.50.005) for Windows 95/98 for Millennium G400 Series Cards has been posted at Matrox. This driver requires DX7 and it fixes the corruption issue some users were experiencing with 3DWinbench 2000 and 3DMark 2000. Click HERE for more information.
Jane's Defence Weekly for 12 January 2000
  • USN decision on electric drive means more delays

    Last week's decision by the US Navy (USN) to select electric drive to propel the revolutionary DD-21 Land-Attack Destroyer and ultimately many other future USN ships, including submarines sets the ship's initial operating capability back to at least 2010, two years later than previously planned.

  • Japan reveals FY00 defence spending

    The first increase for three years within the Japanese defence budget was approved in its draft form late last month when the Japanese cabinet approved a draft budget for FY00 of ¥4,935.6 billion ($48.39 billion), a rise of 0.1% from FY99.

  • France kills supersonic anti-ship missile project

    France has shelved plans to build a new anti-ship missile designated Anti-Navire Futur because it believes the threat against French naval vessels in the foreseeable future does not justify the high cost of the new weapon, the defence ministry has announced.

  • Many options on table to replace ageing Prowlers

    Officials studying radar-jamming successors to the USA's fleet of ageing Northrop Grumman EA-6B Prowlers are considering a wide range of options, from stand-off Boeing 757s to close-in Bell-Boeing MV-22s.

  • US Army orders six HIMARS for evaluation

    The US Army Aviation & Missile Command has awarded Lockheed Martin Missiles and Fire Control a $65 million 36-month maturation/engineering and manufacturing development contract for the High-Mobility Artillery Rocket System (HIMARS).

  • UK accelerates engine upgrade for Harriers

    The UK Ministry of Defence has launched a potentially £350 million ($572 million) programme to equip its Harrier fighter aircraft with uprated turbofan engines better suited to harsh operational environments such as the Persian Gulf.

  • Italy orders 580 Puma personnel carriers

    The Italian Army is to receive 580 Puma wheeled armoured personnel carriers following the award of a Lit585 billion ($307 million) contract to the IVECO-OTOBreda consortium.

  • China's new cruise missile programme 'racing ahead'

    Recent developments within China's new cruise missile programmes, although not confirmed officially, indicate that rates of progress have been faster than anticipated.

  • South Korea's new delay in restructuring army commands

    South Korea's Ministry of National Defence has announced a further delay in a planned restructuring based on the merger of its 1st and 3rd Army Commands to form a new Ground Operations Command.

  • Fears over Sierra Leone ceasefire

    Nigeria and the UN have failed to agree on the role of the West African sub-regional intervention force, ECOMOG, in the monitoring of the implementation of the peace accord between the government of Sierra Leone and the rebel Revolutionary United Front.

  • Israel waters down request for Golan Heights compensation

    Following warnings of opposition from the US Congress, Israeli defence planners have quietly scaled down their request for US military aid to compensate for Israel's proposed withdrawal from the Golan Heights.

  • US rivals battling over Lockheed's crown jewel

    A shrinking field of US companies is vying to grab Lockheed Martin's Sanders aerospace electronics

Jane's Defence Upgrades for 1-15 January 2000
  • PVDS first French minehunter upgrade

    Directions des Constructions Navales and Thomson Marconi Sonar SAS have been awarded parallel contracts to update all 13 of the French Navy's Eridan-class 'Tripartite' minehunters with a propelled variable depth sonar (PVDS) capability, a new hull-mounted minehunting sonar and a new mine warfare tactical system.

  • US/Israeli SAR pod bids for US Navy requirement

    An upgrade of the Elta Electronics EL/M-2060P synthetic aperture radar (SAR) reconnaissance pod - used by Israeli Air Force F-16s, and developed by Elta (an Israeli Aircraft Industries subsidiary) with Lockheed Martin - is being offered to the US Navy for its SHARP (SHAred Reconnaissance Pod) requirement.

  • Canada receives first Leopard C2 upgrade

    The Canadian Army has recently taken delivery of the first of 114 enhanced Leopard C2 main battle tanks (MBTs), upgraded by prime contractor GLS company of Germany, from the older Leopard C1. The original turret is replaced by a turret from the Leopard 1A5 MBT upgraded with the STN Atlas Elektronik EMES-18 fire-control system.

  • RAF long-term Hercules upgrades

    More details have emerged on the work being done on the Royal Air Force's two older models of C-130K/K-30, the Hercules C.1/C.3, which are expected to remain in service until 2007-08. These aircraft are receiving structural and avionics upgrades.

  • TECHNOLOGY INSERTION: Enhancing the effectiveness of the 105mm tank gun

    Despite the latest generation of main battle tanks having gun calibre's of 120mm or 125mm, many nations still retain 105mm gun tasks. These remain useful weapons in any conflict but their on-target performance and effective ranges are inevitably below those of the heavier calibre guns. However, this situation could soon change. Terry J Gander explains.

  • BACKGROUND BRIEF: ATASK moves forward

    Development of the air-launched variant of Shorts Missiles Systems' (SMS) Starstreak very short-range air defence system - Air-To-Air Starstreak (ATASK) - continues apace. ATASK is specified as the defensive armament of the WAH-64D Apache Longbow attack helicopter on order for the British Army Air Corps and is being offered for other platforms. Michael J Gething reports.

Tuesday, January 11, 2000
  • Review: ABIT BE-6 II

    Beauty, speed, reliability. No, this isn't the latest Maserati, but the Abit BE-6 version II. Check out the latest from Abit's successful team.

  • Feature: I/ITSEC, Simulation and Education Conference

    I/ITSEC is a forum for the major players in the military simulation, training and education community to come together and discuss new concepts, demo current capabilities and engage in discussions about contemporary issues facing the community. V1.50 (Alpha 3) Update
  • A new version of Hexadome has been released. There are many new fixes and features for Version 1.50. Click HERE for more information.
Soldier of Fortune Demo
  • Adrenaline Vault is reporting that Raven Software is preparing a demo for SOF. It's expected to be released later this weekend.
Machine Guns for RogueSpear: UA
  • The up-coming Urban Operation add-on for Rogue Spear is going to feature for the first time medium machine guns. To be included this mission pack: M249 (SAW), HK21E, and the RPD.
Monday, January 10, 2000
USAF Contest Winners
  • COMBATSIM.COM is proud to announce the winners for the USAF Contest (all have been notified by email):

    Abdali Yazdi Hossein, Cory Antosh, Matt Barnes, Roger Best, Oliver Breme, Alberto Buonanno, Albert Chan, Steven Con, Terry De Ruyter, Patrick Dunn, E Eruyi, Tomas Fransson, Keith Graham, John Harman, Scott Herder, Jamie Hursey, Brandy Johnston, John Kennedy, George Kulick, Robert Lee, Juan Antonio López Fernández, Mark Martinez, Chris Miceli, Mark Moon, Bob Nielsen, Chris Orth, Claes Pekkala, Richard Porter, Don Reed, and Peter Robbins.

SouthPeak Release Space Adventure
  • SouthPeak Interactive has announced feature information for X: BEYOND THE FRONTIER, a real-time 3D space sim strategy/combat game for PC CD-ROM.

    Designed as an open-ended space adventure, it allows players to decide the way the game develops as they work towards the ultimate mission: to get home alive. X:BTF has an official release date of January 19 with an MRSP of $30. Click HERE for more information.
  • Feature: Bogeys and Bandits

    Jane's F/A-18 will soon be here. If you are looking forward to this release as I am, you could work on your radar skills with Falcon 4 or shoot some carrier traps in Hornet Korea, or.. you could read a book!

New DI SuperHornet Sounds
  • Pretzelworks has modified the sounds for DI SuperHornet. No longer will you hear warning sounds if you fly below 100 feet. Click HERE for more information.
  • has released their FvF2 FAQ. It answers questions sent in by players such as: "what are the classes in FvF2" and "what are the weapons in FvF2". It also addresses the 64MB of RAM issue. The FvF2 FAQ helps transition players from competiting mods by explaining FvF2 concepts and design issues. Freeform Interactive is a freelance game development house staffed by digital artists, professional writers, and computer programmers. Click HERE for more inforamtion.






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