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IL-2 Sturmovik

by Leonard "Viking1" Hjalmarson


Q. What areas have changed in the game in the past month?

A. Some parts of the game concept and modeling of the objects. In our team we have added a new man who was a great fan of WB (his nickname there was Drakon.) His real name is Roman Deniskin and he develops the damage modeling and most models of the planes. His work over damage modeling has changed our previous plans and now our programmers cry over his models with huge number of flying away pieces....:)



Q. What are key areas in progress now?

A: AI. We try to humanize: Complex AI takes too much the processor time so we do optimization of it.

2. Mission Editor. All must be easy to use so the interface is in process. 3. Object and new planes modeling according to our new plane modeler.

4. Perfection of the engine according to the new requirements of damage modeling and suggestions of players for both categories of Hardcore and Arcade.




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Q. What are some of the changes made as the result of feedback from the public?

A: We have very good feedback. We try to accumulate all possible of players suggestions. Some is currently impossible, but most of the suggestions we'll have in the final. For example we have changed our own concept of the gameplay across the Internet and network, where we'll keep the concept of the new flyable planes add-ons. Also, we'll have more flyable planes, including fighters, with the release of the IL-2 itself.

For those who are really waiting for IL-2 I can confirm that we'll have soldiers on the ground and we'll have the rear gunner position of IL-2, two seats to play it.

Q. When do you hope to release the game?

A: Still TBD. We want to get our game very good.

MiG 3

GOing Down

Ground Action


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