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Silent Hunter II: Screens



  On November 4th I flew into San Francisco to spend time visiting with the SSI crew. While vaulting about their new offices north of town I had a chance to meet with the Ultimation crew as well as talk to Rick Martinez, Troy Heere, and Shawn Storc.

Silent Hunter II and Destroyer Command have been delayed til Q2, 2000. Delays often mean improvements, and these delays make it even more likely that we will see an inter-operable pair in Destroyer Command and Silent Hunter II! The goal is to build these two together so that you can man the U-boats, or provide the escort buffer to face the wolf packs. Both games are looking great and will provide a unique entry into the naval simulation genre.

There isn't much new to report on SH2, but watch for a complete update on Destroyer Command later this week. In the meantime, here are a batch of screen shots from Silent Hunter II.

Silent Hunter II

Silent Hunter II: Sub Selection
Sub Selection: Type VII

Silent Hunter II: Sub Selection
Sub Selection: Type XXI

Silent Hunter II: Campaign GUI

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Random Mission GUI
Random Mission GUI

Silent Hunter II: Radar
Radar Station

Silent Hunter II: Binoculars

Silent Hunter II: Deck Gun
Deck Gun on Type VII

Silent Hunter II: Torpedo Station

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