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Nine Prop Sims for '99
by Leonard "Viking1" Hjalmarson

Flight Combat

Here is an update from the Producer of Flight Combat with regard to flying bombers in that simulation:

All stations are accessible and we are doing TRUE co-op (that is, you and all your buddies can be on one bomber, each manning a different position) as well as regular adversarial multiplay. Some of the bombers featured are the B-17 Flying Fortress, B-24 Liberator, He-111, Ju-87 Stuka and Ju-88 and a few others that I can't comment on yet.

Ju87 from Flight Combat.

At E3 we watched a B24 Liberator coming in over a German city. The searchlights scanning the sky up ahead looked menacing. If the key light (blue beam) found you, all other beams would then focus on you and you would be easy prey for the AAA.

Conn trails in Flight Combat, as in B17 II, are tactical since they make your position visible from much further away. Conn trails start at appropriate altitude.

Night fighting will also be modeled with the 110 Zerstorer. This German bomber should make for some interesting gameplay, though I wouldn't want to fly without a good escort!

I was pleased to learn that Looking Glass have planned dynamic entry and exit in multiplayer, as in Falcon 4 (though F4 hasn't worked well up to this point.) And Stuka fans will finally be in heaven!

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MiG Alley Update

With MiG Alley Rowan makes the move to a fully dynamic campaign system. The campaign engine tracks ground forces, aircraft, and supply routes throughout Korea, and uses these factors to determine the status of the war. Intelligence includes daily briefings which list major events and the capture of important targets.

Sound familiar? The only campaign system currently out there to date which has this much depth is found in Falcon 4.0. In fact, Rowan claims that their campaign will rival that of F4 in scope. From what we saw at E3 this is true, although the player won't be given as much control as we have in Falcon 4. On the other hand, the interface is much better and easier to manage.

In MiG Alley you will assume the role of Supreme Air Commander, assigning squadron directives and dividing your forces between Air Superiority, Chokepoints, Supply, Airfields, Roads, Railways and Army support. You will also determine rest periods, so it is possible to reduce efficiency by straining your pilots.

MiG Alley

The computer generates the missions, laying out waypoints and targets, and assigning pilots and loadouts. You man alter pieces of the generated plans scrap them and build your own. The mission planner is well designed and includes typical filters allowing display of the elements you choose: civilian targets, specific types of military units, elements of the supply network, defenses, or airfields.

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