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Enemy Engaged: RAH-66 Comanche Versus Ka-52 Hokum

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We've been flying Comanche/Hokum for a week now, and although our preview of flying through the campaigns isn't finished, we've decided to give you some new screen shots to tide you over.

Comanche Hokum continues to impress us in many areas. There is so much attention to detail, and the graphics and artwork is top notch. The terrain is quite varied in the campaigns we've been flying, with lots of rolling hills, mountains, and open spaces. We've included a couple of screens of some NOE flying down a river.

2s19.jpg 640x480  [24259 bytes] a10.jpg 640x480  [33123 bytes] abrams.jpg 640x480  [21887 bytes]
c17.jpg 640x480  [25340 bytes] chaparral.jpg 640x480  [24464 bytes] cobra.jpg 640x480  [26823 bytes]
falcon.jpg 640x480  [43631 bytes] mi24.jpg 640x480  [23561 bytes] mi6.jpg 640x480  [29966 bytes]
mig29.jpg 640x480  [33448 bytes] stinger.jpg 640x480  [23603 bytes] su25.jpg 640x480  [47237 bytes]
t80u.jpg 640x480  [21111 bytes] v22.jpg 640x480  [27554 bytes] vulcan.jpg 640x480  [18925 bytes]

One interesting feature is that the modeled pilots of the players helicopter don't only move their heads; they also move their hands and feet. As you feed in control inputs the collective/cyclic/rudders in the sim will move in conjunction with these inputs.


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