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MiG Alley Beta Preview
by Leonard "Viking1" Hjalmarson

"The Mission Structure has been designed to allow you to generate missions that were typical during the conflilct. For instance, due to limited fuel capacity, Combat Air Patrol aircraft could only stay on station for about twenty minutes.

"MiG pilots soon realized this and so they waited until the Sabres started to leave before mounting an attack. In this situation the Sabres were vulnerable because they did not have fuel to stay and fight and also get home. To combat this tactic Sabres were organized into waves so that as one wave was ready to leave another was just arriving."

In the Mini-Campaigns that introduce the Spring Offensive, the player will have to earn promotion to leader. In the "Spring Offensive" itself the player is in overall charge and can fly in any position.

The Dynamics of MiG Alley

With MiG Alley Rowan makes the move to a fully dynamic campaign system. The campaign engine tracks ground forces, aircraft, and supply routes throughout Korea, and uses these factors to determine the status of the war. Intelligence includes daily briefings which list major events and the capture of important targets.


Sound familiar? The only campaign system currently out there to date which has this much depth is found in Falcon 4.0. In fact, Rowan claims that their campaign will rival that of F4 in scope. In fact, in terms of player control MiG goes beyond F4, and the interface is much better and easier to manage, although the campaign is not real time around the clock as in F4.

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MiG Alley

In MiG Alley you will assume the role of Supreme Air Commander, assigning squadron directives and dividing your forces between Air Superiority, Chokepoints, Supply, Airfields, Roads, Railways and Army support. You will also determine rest periods, so it is possible to reduce efficiency by straining your pilots.

The computer generates the missions, laying out waypoints and targets, and assigning pilots and loadouts. You man alter pieces of the generated plans, or scrap them and build your own. The mission planner is well designed and includes typical filters allowing display of the elements you choose: civilian targets, specific types of military units, elements of the supply network, defenses, or airfields.

F86 Wingman

Directives Control Interface

"Mig Alley has a far more strategic feeling to the sim, and you succeed by going after the Red Army's supplies. Mig Alley keeps track of supplies so you can instantly see just what your action has meant to the enemy ability to prosecute the war. The close air support action is intended to keep the UN from being overrun.

"The overall picture is this: There are 3 main enemy supply routes supplying three parts of the front. It's your job to keep these supplies from getting to the front in any numbers. When and if they do then you'll have to do more CAS missions to stem the tide to keep your boys from getting overrun. Problem is, if you have to spend your aircraft resources on CAS missions the supplies will keep coming. So it is a matter of balance and effective missions. You waste a mission and it hurts." -KC23

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