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Silent Hunter II™ Surfaces!

The Entertainment Division of Mattel Interactive, a division of Mattel, Inc. today announced that the WWII submarine combat simulation Silent Hunter II™ is scheduled to ship in Q4 of 2000. The original Silent Hunter was a huge success, selling over 300,000 units since its release in 1995. Silent Hunter II recreates the historical battles in the North Atlantic between Germany's vaunted U-Boat "wolfpacks" and the naval convoys of the American and British Navy.

Silent Hunter II is being developed by Ultimation, Inc. and marks the fifth collaboration between Mattel Interactive and the Petaluma, CA-based game developer. Ultimation is currently working on Larry Bond's™ Harpoon4™, which is scheduled to ship this November, as well as Destroyer Command™, which ships in 2001.

Updated features also include a full complement of realistic environmental effects, including sea conditions ranging from glassy smooth waters to punishing squalls. Weather, in addition to rain and cover of darkness will play important parts in the tactics and strategy of your U-Boat command. An array of over 50 types of military and civilian ships, aircraft and submarines complement the 4 highly detailed U-Boat models at the players' disposal.

Silent Hunter II will also capitalize on the latest video rendering technology, with external views rendered in full 3D and with full 360-degree viewing capability. On the deck, a first-person mode enables commanders to target and attack both sea and airborne enemies using the anti-aircraft machine guns or the deck cannon. A multimedia presentation features detailed interviews with combat veterans as well as interactive tours of a German U-Boat. An advanced scenario editor enables players to create their own unique missions and patrol routes. For more information and the latest screenshots, visit the product website at



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