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MiG Alley: Another Look
by Leonard "Viking1" Hjalmarson

On the other hand the AA group did encounter bandits, and the bombers called out a report on a bandit position at least once, probably near Seoul. So why did they not attack? It could be because we were heading North to parts unknown, far beyond the FLOT.

I was kicked out of ACCEL near Seoul on my second run through of this mission with notice from Rattler (the bomber group) of MiGs nearby. A moment later DENTIST (ground control radar, not actually present in the theatre until 1952 but introduced earlier by Rowan as a cheat for the sake of improved gameplay) also warned of a "MiG train heading south," but the position was much southerly of me and no threat to my mission.

I went back into the MAP and used ACCEL to reach the IP. I adjusted my trim for 30,000 feet level flight and then took a good look around. You will find that your wingmen have sharp eyes, but it's a good idea to do your own scan of the sky also. At this point Rattler lead called out for me to stay close since I was rapidly pulling ahead of the group and they were turning slightly east toward the target.

Fuel Guages

I checked my fuel level again and at this point noticed an odd reading. You can see that the external tanks are about one third full. Then why do my internal tanks show fuel use? There are no key controls to change from internal to external since this happens automatically when you jettison external tanks.

With external fuel still available I reduced throttle to allow the bomber group to catch up. I was now cruising at 50% throttle around 320 knots at 25,000 feet.


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Bombs Away

I'm enjoying the view up here. The cloud layer has moved up. A minute later I glance over my shoulder to the bomber group and I see them unleashing their cargo. They confirm that they are over target and a moment later I can see the flashes where the bombs are striking their target. It's time to call the group to head home.

B29s below

I call to my squadron to CLOSE UP and I turn on a southerly heading. I used TIME ACCEL to move forward, but as I watch the progress on the MAP view I see the bomber squadron turn around and head north again. WHAT THE ??? I knew I would be forced to court martial the squadron leader.

Post Combat
Post Combat Sub menu

Comments: I exited the MAP view and attempted to use the PostCombat Menu Items 5 & 6 to take control of the situation. But while Rattler acknowledged my call in a general way, they did not change their course. I turned my group north to cover them and try to figure out what I was doing wrong.

When I was within visual range I issued the call again (#5.) This time the response from the bomber group was specific. They were rejoining and heading home. It could be that they still had ordnance on board and were intending to use it.

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