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Jane's WW2 Fighters: Beta Preview

by Leonard "Viking1" Hjalmarson

Last week I took a quick hands on look at the WW2 Fighters beta. Some weeks back AV8R reviewed the demo (see WW2 Fighters Demo).

I've had many questions about mission options. Here is the top of a screen from the INFO booth in the virtual museum. As you can see above, the listing includes Single Missions, Campaign, Quick Missions, Multiplayer, and the Mission Builder.

Mission Builder
Mission Builder. Click for 800x600.

Now this isn't the mission builder from F15, but its a functional component none the less, and much easier to use than the unit in Janes F15.

One of the innovative tidbits of the setup routine is the placement of TWO icons on your desktop. As you can see below, there is both a WW2 Fighters icon as well as a FLY NOW icon. Neat idea for those times you just want to leap into the air and take on the bad guys = )

Air Combat Museum
Main Interface.

The main interface is the Info room in the air combat museum (notice the FLY NOW button top center). The Info room gives you access to information about the period, aircraft and the forces involved in WWII. From here you can pan your mouse left to access the Hangar, or right to access the War Room. Each of these rooms allows access to other components, and you will spend most of your time in the War Room.

Click to continue . . .



The Hangar. Click on any aircraft for a close up panning shot. Click on most major parts for an inside look and a voice over tour.

War Room

The War Room.

The War Room offers access to all the simulation elements of the game as well as text and video interviews with actual WWII aces. The simulation elements are these:

  • Multiplayer
  • Campaign
  • Mission Builder
  • Quick Missions
  • Single Missions

Mission Builder and Quick Missions

Mission Builder and Quick Missions access screen.

Single Missions GUI

Single Missions GUI. There are twenty single missions to choose from. The interface used for selecting missions and setting various simulation parameters is the same as single mission selection below.

Selection Screen

The Quick Mission Setup allows selection from four levels of challenge (Ace to Novice), type and number of aircraft you will fly against, as well as the parameters in the screen cut below...

Quick Missions

To download the demo click HERE

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