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MiG Alley Update

MiG Alley is based on the Korean War: 1950-53. It was the first conflict that saw major jet v jet dogfights. The conflict also saw some jet v prop encounters. Among the many aircraft included, the game concentrates on the following:

  • F86 Sabre
  • Mig15
  • F84 Thunderjet
  • F80 Shooting Star
  • B29 (big bomber)
  • F51 and F82

The player will be able to pilot all the above aircraft except the B29. The campaign, which forms the heart of the sim, consists of three parts:

  • Introduction
  • Spring 51 Offensive
  • Peace Talks

MiG Alley F86

MiG Alley will have over 3 hours of archive footage from the Library of Congress to introduce the Conflict to the player. In Mig Alley you will be able to fly the following aircraft:

  • North American F86 Sabre versions A, E and F.
  • Mikoyan Gurevich MIG 15 and MIG15bis.
  • Republic F84 E Thunder Jet.
  • Lockheed F80 C Shooting Star.
  • North American F51 D Mustang.
  • North American F82 G Twin Mustang.

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MiG Alley New Screens. Click for larger images.

MiG Alley F86

MiG Alley Cockpit

MiG Alley Cockpit

MiG Alley Dogfight

MiG Alley P51 Cockpit

MiG Alley P51 Cockpit

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