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Falcon 4 - September 10th. Scramble
by Leonard "Viking1" Hjalmarson

Here is your weekly Falcon 4 fix. First another DGFT HUD shot, this time in the no cockpit view.

No Cockpit HUD

Second, here is the screen that pops up when you have an opportunity to fly an INTERCEPT mission. If you click on yes you will find yourself on the tarmac waiting for clearance to go.


If you click NO you can still jump into the mission once its airborn.


Terrain down low.

Click to continue . . .


Strategic F4

Here too are some evening shots... F4 Dawn
F4 at Dawn. Click for 1024x768.

F4 Dawn
F4 at Dawn. Click for 1024x768.

F4 Wallpaper
F4 Wallpaper. Click to download 1024x768. F4 Wallpaper
Viper in Clouds. Click for 800x600.

Many of you have written to ask for padlock shots. I hope to write an entire mission report for the weekend, depending on how much time I can free up.

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