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Falcon 4 - September 7th. Air to Air HUDs
by Leonard "Viking1" Hjalmarson

Time once again for that weekly Falcon 4 update! I've had a few requests for a peek at the ordnance screen, so here it is! You can access this screen prior to a flight or during a flight, prior to hopping into the cockpit. However, you can't alter the loadout once the flight is in progress.

Ordnance Screen
F4 Ordnance. Click for 800x600

I've also taken a new shot of in campaign action, this one after about four hours of raging battle in the middle difficulty campaign. Prior to beginning a campaign you can select the level of challenge you will face. The choices are Recruit, Cadet, Rookie, Veteran and Ace and you can set the levels individually for SAM/AAA operators.

You can also set the ratio of forces between the North and South with slider bars. You can control the ratio of air forces, air defenses, ground forces and naval forces.

Campaign Map
Campaign Map. Click for 800x600

Since this is a long weekend and you obviously have nothing better to do than wait for another F4 preview (;-D), I've also taken some snaps of the various air-to-air HUDs. First a launch shot and then the various HUDs.

F4 Launch. Click for 800x600


First above, Dogfight mode selected and the cannon pipper in the HUD. Dogfight mode can be accessed through an Override setting ("C" key) and is a special mode that gives you access to short range missiles and EEGS gunsight (Enhanced Envelope) using a radar lock all in one HUD. I forgot to turn labels off so you can see that my target is a Tu16. At 3.4 miles distance he is far outside my range, and so the LCOS pipper (circle around the diamond) is unbroken.

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EEGS and Funnel

Above. Aside from the predictor sight one of the main features of this dogfight mode is the EEGS funnel. The funnel provides the pilot with a quick rerference to help line up the target. The correct gun shot solution exists when the wings of the target are just touching the funnel lines. Furthermore, holding the target in the funnel means you are in plane with the target. Once the LCOS circle is broken I know I am in range. In this case I am less than a mile from the target.


Above, SRM (short range missile) mode at R Max. A shot at this range would be unlikely to score a kill since the bandit has plenty of time to jink and drop flares.


Above, MRM missile mode (AIM 120) prior to launch. In the next shot you will see the countdown timer displayed (center right HUD T32). Note the DLZ bracket on HUD right; DLZ is Dynamic Launch Zone, and this bracket indicates I am close to minimum range (R MIN). Normally you would launch anywhere from 10-20 miles for high probability of kill with AMRAAM.


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