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FA-18E Super Hornet

by D. Eric Marlow, "Snacko" January 11th, 2000



The game includes several components: the game CD, a 236 page manual, a 13 page "Pilot's Notes" booklet, and an F-18 controls keycard.

The first thing that caught my attention is how unusable the keycard is. The word "keycard" lends too much credit to what this small piece of paper represents. Instead of being a standard cardboard-based foldout keycard, what is included is more akin to a marketing pack-in or magazine insert.

The fonts used on the card are somewhere between 4 and 6 points - far too small to be of any use. I also found several inaccuracies in the text, as well as symbols on the card that lead me to believe that the card was meant for Macintosh users.


The included game manual was a much better effort. This glue bound manual is divided into ten chapters plus a glossary, abbreviations, and index. The manual includes good explanations of the different avionics modes and other cockpit functions. Carrier ops are included in detail, as well as excellent instructions on how to land on a carrier deck.

There is no in-game database of objects. The manual does include an inventory of objects, but it is a simple listing and it doesn't contain ID pictures or vehicle specifications.


Training consists of a set of missions divided into four categories: Aircraft Handling, Air-to-Air Weapons Practice. Air-to-Ground Practice, and Special Equipment Practice. The training missions allow infinite weapons and invulnerability while training is taking place, which I found to be a handy feature.

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Super Hornet

Unfortunately, there are no voice-overs while conducting the training missions, nor is there any in-game help. The missions are simply pre-built operations that incorporate the situation and weapon of choice. You are pretty much on your own to figure out how to fly the plane and to deploy the ordinance.

While the manual does give insight into how training is to take place, much of it is not included in the Flight Training section but is split up into disparate areas of subsequent chapters. This makes for a difficult quick reference. The "pilot's notes" booklet is an attempt to overcome this obscurity, but it lacks the "step 1 do this, step 2 do that" that makes the main manual a better read.

Super Hornet

Single Missions

The bulk of Super Hornet is made up of a series of single player missions encompassing a "Quick Start" area plus a set of missions entitled "Combat Missions" that revolve around two theatres (Barents Sea and the Indian Ocean).

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