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Monday, January 20, 2003

PC Game News
Falcon V Still Alive?

Number 5 is alive?

Frugals has posted a message from "Shadow" from G2i on their forums saying that there will be an update tomorrow to the G2i site with info on the new graphics engine for Operation Infinite Resolve (OIR) new screenshots.

Web Site: Frugalsworld.com
Web Site: G2Interactive.com

GI Combat v1.04 Patch
The New GI Combat 104 Patch is now uploaded and ready for download.

G.I. Combat patch available.

The new patch works with all previous versions and patches.

From the GI Combat ReadMe
Version 1.04

Updates from version 1.0
  • Jump map toggles with the J key.
  • Order menu enable toggles with the O key.
  • Chat messages expire after 15 seconds.
  • Tank Pathing should be smoother
  • Tanks targeting multiple threats should be fixed.
  • Buildings should peal away better
  • Mouse camera controls have been tuned up.
  • Fixed initial mortar targeting bug where the first attack would always hit dead on.
  • Vehicles given short moves will back up rather than turn.
  • Morale will return to normal faster when not under fire
  • Vehicle morale will not go heroic as often with indirect attacks
  • Support fire and mortars will make most troops go prone.
  • Version checking in MP is now done.
  • IP address is validated (to a point). It will check for proper
  • pattern (xx.xx.xx.xx) and verify that the address is only numbers and dots. It does not validate the IP address beyond that.
  • In MP games when the players exit the debrief screen they will be sent to the chat screens again so that another game can be played.
  • In MP games the host can now change the scenario or options without causing the game to terminate.
  • In MP games the host can go back from the scenario selection screen to chat without causing the game to terminate.
  • Tank main arm fire is slowed down.
  • Unit markers are improved for better visability.
  • Group icons and jump map dots blink when units come under fire.
  • Tank Animation is fixed when firing.
  • Pan speed is reduced for keyboard and mouse.
  • Soldiers use cover better and look for clear LOS better.
  • Soldiers use building cover better.
  • Reworked all maps for LOS
  • The Jump Map toggles view with a right click on the jump map.
  • Game Spy screen flow is fixed.
  • Ambush is enhanced for short defend orders.
  • Cover affect is tuned up.
Download: GI Combat Downloads [12.8 MB]
Download: 3D Gamers [12.8 MB]

Military News
BAE Wins Contract to Enhance Subs
BAE SYSTEMS C4ISR has been awarded a contract, in partnership with AeI, to supply Link 11 datalink sub-systems for integration with the STN ATLAS (a BAE SYSTEMS joint venture with Rheinmetall AG) ISUS 90 Combat Management System on board Class 214 submarines being built by HDW for the Hellenic Navy.

Paul Laity, Managing Director of the Christchurch, United Kingdom-based Communications & Defence Infrastructure team, comments "This contract further extends BAE SYSTEMS experience of the tactical data link, an essential component of information exchange used in single-service, joint or combined environments, providing forces with the ability to exchange real-time information for the co-ordination of military operations."

BAE Systems to enhance situational awareness.

BAE SYSTEMS offers a NATO STANAG-compliant multi-link workstation that can work in both 'transmit-and-receive' or 'receive only' modes. Taking off-the-shelf components and integrating them with proven software packages, the company provides rugged, lightweight solutions with reduced equipment volumes, customised to specific users' requirements in either stand-alone, overlay or integrated configurations.

Today's most widely utilised tactical data link is Link 11, particularly since its release to Partnership for Peace nations. BAE SYSTEMS Link 11 receive-only solutions are now in service in the Royal Navy attack submarines. Its integrated Link 11 system is a feature of the Italian Navy's SAURO Class submarines, Turkish Navy submarines, and will be the solution for a number of other NATO and non-NATO navies.

BAE SYSTEMS also has a proven Link 16 operational capability through delivery of an integrated Link 16 sub-system into the Royal Navy's Type 42 and CVS platforms. This integrated the JTIDS Class 2H terminals with a network monitoring and planning facility to provide operators with a dynamic multi-link network management capability and situational awareness display.

Northrop Grumman Converts Sub's Missile Capabilities
BALTIMORE, Jan. 17, 2003 -- Northrop Grumman Corporation's (NYSE:NOC) Electronic Systems sector has been awarded a $34 million contract from the U.S. Navy's Strategic Systems Programs (SSP) to adapt the missile tubes of SSBN (fleet ballistic missile submarine) submarines from launching nuclear ballistic missiles to conventional cruise missiles.

The contract, which began in January 2003 and will continue through December 2004, covers systems development and demonstration of the Multiple All Up Round Canister (MAC). The reconfigured submarine will be known as the SSGN (guided missile submarine).

This contract for detailed design and prototype testing includes options for low-rate initial production leading up to full-rate initial production of up to four ship sets. If exercised, these options will bring the total cumulative value of this contract to more than $150 million.

Northrup Grumman to convert subs from ballistic missiles to guided cruise missiles.

"Northrop Grumman has been the primary supplier of underwater launch equipment to SSP since the inception of the ballistic missile submarine program in the 1950s," said Jim Hupton, vice president of Northrop Grumman Marine Systems. "Our extensive experience and proven track record in the underwater launch market is strengthened by teaming with Electric Boat, the original submarine builder and platform conversion contractor for the SSGN program."

Work will be performed at Northrop Grumman's Marine Systems business unit in Sunnyvale, Calif., and at teammate General Dynamics' Electric Boat facility in Groton, Conn.

Naval Sea Systems Command (NAVSEA) has overall responsibility for the SSGN conversion and has assigned responsibility for the attack weapons system (AWS) to SSP.

The MAC is a subsystem of the AWS that will replace the existing Trident ballistic missile launch tubes and provide for the storage and launch of up to seven TOMAHAWK ( missiles from each of the 22 submarine missile tubes. Each SSBN submarine will thus be able to accommodate as many as 154 precision-guided, conventional land-attack Tomahawk weapons.

Northrop Grumman recently completed the DEMVAL phase of the program, successfully testing, designing and fabricating test equipment and component risk reduction testing. This phase culminated in a successful full-scale Tomahawk test launch from an SSBN submarine using a prototype MAC in January 2003.

In addition to the SSGN mission of land attack, Northrop Grumman Electronic Systems is also supporting SSGN's other operational mission, support of Special Operations Forces (SOF) campaigns and missions. Northrop Grumman's Oceanic and Naval Systems business unit designs and builds the Advanced SEAL Delivery System (ASDS), a mini-submarine intended to clandestinely carry SOF troops and their combat gear to and from hostile shores. It is planned that each of the four SSGNs will be modified to allow two ASDS vehicles to dock, enabling SOF deployment to littoral theaters worldwide.

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