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Thursday, January 16, 2003

PC Game News
Lock On: New Video and Screenshots
Catrix has unveiled a new LO:MAC video and screenshots.

Files: LO:MAC Video

IGI2: SP Demo and Video
With just under one month to go until the February 14 launch of IGI 2: Covert Strike, gamers can today experience covert action IGI style with launch of the single-player demo of Codemasters' stealth-based shooter.

Also released for download today is all-new IGI 2 video entitled "Scope". The video is available alongside the demo here.

The IGI 2: Covert Strike playable demo calls for skilful stealth tactics but players also need to be sharp shooters when the need arises. The mission is set in a goldmine in the Carpathian foothills of Romania and sees David Jones, our IGI (Institute for Geotactical Intelligence) agent, investigating the theft of an advanced nano-technology device by an organised crime syndicate.

Gameplay has Jones infiltrating the main compound through mineshafts from the foothills. A private security firm patrols the mining facility. A local mafia don backs the security firm, and the security officers are not considered to be regular civilians. They are armed, and have instructions to shoot first and ask questions later...

The demo and video also showcases IGI 2: Covert Strike's visuals, with detailed internal locations and massive outdoor environments.

*Codemasters: IGI2 File List
3DGamers: IGI2 File List

[*Editor's Note: Codemaster's FTP download server for the "scope" video file was, last we tried, timing out rather frequently. You may have to be patient to get this one. You can still use plenty of other mirrors for the single-player demo.]

GMX to Publish Enigma: Rising Tide
(LONDON) GMX Media today announced that it has secured the Pan-European rights to publish Tesseraction Games alternate history naval game, Enigma: Rising Tide.

Enigma: Rising Tide is a groundbreaking concept melding cinematic pacing with immersive graphics and historical accuracy to produce the worlds first alternate history, naval warfare vehicular shooter game. Enigma was initially created solely as an online game, however after discovering the title and its massive potential, GMX entered into an agreement with the developers to produce a FULL retail, single player version of the title. The size and scope of the Retail version is stunning and includes a huge number of Patrols as well as comprehensive Submarine and Surface Command Campaigns. In all more than 60 distinct missions are available to be played from a large variety of Ships and Submarines. Enigma is also one of a very few games that can be played completely by voice command giving the player an added element of immersion. In keeping with the original intent behind Enigma, Tesseraction Games has agreed to include a free 30 day trial of Enigma: Rising Tide Multiplayer when it is launched later this year.

Enigma: Rising Tide's impressive graphics.

"Class, class and more class, this is something very special indeed" Commented Barry Leonard COO of GMX Media. "Even the soundtracks have drawn the attention of the Grammy Awards. This game puts to shame all that have gone before it and it does not end there. Every 6 months or so updates will be released, from missions in the world's other oceans to air campaigns. We have made available two demos so gamers can see why we are so excited about this title."

"We are very pleased to be working with the team at GMX Media," said Tesseraction Games President Kelly Asay. "Having a company like GMX in our corner is a tremendous advantage for a start-up development house. I know that our audience in Europe will be very pleased with our choice."

The full retail version of Enigma features:
  • Three dynamic factions: United States, Imperial Germany, or the League of Free Nations.
  • Accurate WWII craft including submarines, corvettes, destroyers, battleships, aircraft and more.
  • Real-time cinematic action.
  • Real-time voice command and control.
  • A 30 day subscription to Enigma Multiplayer upon release.
  • Real-time weather and environmental factors.
  • Dynamically assigned missions based on strategic priorities.
  • Dynamic ocean effects and vehicle physics that respond to weather conditions.
  • Evolving alternate history backstory.
GMX plans to release Enigma: Rising Tide across Europe in March 2003.

GMX Media: Enigma File List

PlayStation 2 Shipments Reach 50 Million
(London) - Sony Computer Entertainment Inc, (SCEE) the Tokyo based parent of Sony Computer Entertainment Europe today announced that cumulative world-wide factory shipments of the PlayStation 2 computer entertainment system had reached 50 million units. The breakdown of shipments by region is:

As of January 15, 2003:

  • Europe/PAL: 16.02 million units
  • North America: 21.48 million units
  • Japan: 12.53 million units
Worldwide Shipments: 50.03 million units

Since its European launch in November 2000, demand for PlayStation 2 across the SCEE territories has continued to accelerate. Such is the global success of the PlayStation 2 that it has taken under four months for lifetime shipments to increase from the 40 million units reached on September 17th 2002, to the 50 million units announced today.

Currently, there are over 1,500 software titles available for the PlayStation 2.

PC Hardware News
Tom's Hardware: External ATA Drive Case
Need more storage? How about another operating system? Would you rather swim in a pool of sharks with Spam swim trunks than try to install another hard drive inside your computer? Well, get thee to Tom's Hardware and check out their exhaustive article, "USB 2.0 as a Multi-Purpose Solution: The External ATA Drive Case from ADS Technologies". The new drive case technology not only supports supplemental hard drives but CD-ROM and DVD drives as well. Lots of step-by-step pics make it easy enough for even a news editor to understand .

Tom's Hardware: External ATA Drive Case

Japanese Unveil Terabit Storage Device
That 100 GB hard drive just not cutting it? Perhaps you need 1.5 terabits (about 47 DVD's worth). Check it out: Slashdot > Technology Research News

Military News
$86 Million Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Program
(NEW YORK) — United Industrial Corporation today announced that in a special signing ceremony held at the Redstone Arsenal in Huntsville, Alabama, the U. S. Army formally awarded the first in a series of full rate production contracts to the Company for its Tactical Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (TUAV) program.

Shadow 600 TUAV

Valued at $86 million, this "initial full rate production contract" is significant because it signals the Army's long-term commitment for use and fielding of United Industrial's TUAV system. This contract provides for delivery of 9 TUAV systems over the next twenty months as well as spare parts. Further contracts for engineering support, research and development, and logistics are anticipated to follow in the first half of 2003.

Commenting on the contract, Richard R. Erkeneff, President and Chief Executive Officer of United Industrial, said, "We are extremely proud of the fact that this is the first full rate production contract ever awarded by the U. S. Department of Defense for an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle System. This contract is the culmination of a series of successfully achieved milestones over the past three years, and solidifies our long-term partnership with the Army. We look forward to applying our expertise in the UAV field to generate creative and timely solutions for the Army's future unmanned systems requirements as well as satisfying growing international appeal for our unmanned products. Additionally, we look ahead to continuing to provide support for all of the TUAV systems as they become fielded, an aspect of the program that could ultimately be worth as much as the system acquisition portion."

The Army TUAV system has been designed to provide battlefield commanders with highly mobile target acquisition, battle damage assessment and battle management capabilities. United Industrial-developed Shadow TUAV systems are now fielded at several army installations.

United Industrial Corporation is a company focused on the design and production of defense, training and energy systems. Its products include unmanned aerial vehicles, training and simulation systems, and automated aircraft test and maintenance equipment. The Company also offers logistical/engineering services for government-owned equipment and manufactures combustion equipment for biomass and refuse fuels.

More Info: United Industrial

Pizarro Infantry Fighting Vehicle Program
MADRID, Spain — General Dynamics Santa Barbara Sistemas, a business unit of General Dynamics (NYSE:GD) , has been selected by the Spanish Army to execute the second phase of the Pizarro Advanced Infantry Fighting Vehicle (AIFV) program, which includes manufacturing of 176 infantry fighting vehicles, 22 command post vehicles and associated logistics support.

Armored Infantry Fighting Vehicle (AIFV)

General Dynamics Santa Barbara Sistemas and the Spanish Army will now enter negotiations on the scope, timing and value of the program, which could be as much as euro 520 million (approximately US$544 million). Following successful negotiations, the contract will commence in early 2003; the first delivery of the second-phase vehicles would be in 2005, and completion by 2010.

The order represents the continuation of a successful program with the Spanish Army. Phase One of the effort included 121 infantry fighting vehicles and 21 command post vehicles.

The Pizarro infantry fighting vehicle weighs 25 tons and can carry 11 personnel at a maximum speed of over 70 km per hour. With a 30mm automatic gun as main armament, the Pizarro is considered one of the world's best infantry fighting vehicles.

Source: General Dynamics

General Dynamics Wins $51 Million Contract for Submarine Work
(GROTON, Conn.) — The U.S. Navy has awarded General Dynamics Electric Boat a $51 million contract modification for nuclear-submarine work. Electric Boat is a wholly owned subsidiary of General Dynamics.

The contract was initially awarded in May 1999 and could be worth more than $742 million over five years if all options are exercised and funded. Under the terms of the modification, Electric Boat will provide design, engineering, material and logistics support for the Trident program, the Trident UK program, the two operational Seawolf-class submarines, NR-1, and efforts supporting Los Angeles-class ships. Electric Boat will also provide planning, scheduling and technical support for submarine maintenance activities.

Sixty percent of the work will be performed at Groton; 18 percent at Bangor, Wash.; 11 percent at Kings Bay, Ga.; 6 percent at Newport, R.I., and 5 percent at Quonset Point, R.I. Work performed under the modification is expected to be completed by September 2003.

Source: General Dynamics

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