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Monday December 30, 2002

PC News
New Screens: LOMAC
We have 5 new screens from Ubi Soft's upcoming jet simulation, Lock On: Modern Air Combat. The screens feature all the European F-16's.

New Screens: Forgotten Battles
Ubi Soft has released new Forgotten Battles screenshots, including a damaged He-111 coming into land. Click here

Battlefield 1942: the Road to Rome movie
Electronic Arts has released a movie trailer for Battlefield 1942: the Road to Rome, the multiplayer first-person shooter expansion pack in the works at Digital Illusions. The movie sports nearly two minutes of in-game footage setting the add-on's premise. Download movie

Silent Hunter II Unofficial Multiplayer Patches V1.02
There are new unofficial multiplayer patches for Silent Hunter II, bringing this submarine simulation by Ultimation to version 1.02. This community based Projekt Messerwetzer is authorized but not supported by publisher Ubi Soft, and replaces the game's original multiplayer engine with DirectPlay to enhance and expand multiplayer to 10 players, along with various other gameplay improvements. Interoperability with companion title Destroyer Command is however not available until the corresponding patch for that game will be released. Download

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