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Friday December 20, 2002

PC News
Microsoft Announces Plans to Update CFS3
Microsoft has announced that the CFS3 team is currently working on a collective update to Combat Flight Simulator 3: Battle for Europe (CFS3). During the first month of availability, members of the CFS3 team listened very carefully to customers and their experiences through emails and postings across different community forums. An announcement will be made with specific details about the update soon after the first of the year.

Splinter Cell Demo.
Ubi Soft has released the PC demo of their latest tactical shooter, Splinter Cell. This 90 MB demo includes a complete level from the first mission of the game (2% of the entire game). Access to numerous items including the optic cable, night/thermal vision goggles and disposable lock picks. Full screen gameplay optimized for the latest video cards. The full version will be available for the PC on January 21, 2003. Download

Uncommon Valor Patch v2.20
Matrix Games has released patch v2.20 for Uncommon Valor. For more information or to download the patch click here.

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