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Wednesday November 20, 2002

PC News
Thrustmaster, Ubisoft At The European Computer Flight Simulation Show
Thrustmaster haso confirmed its partnership with Ubisoft at the European Computer Flight Simulation Show in Birmingham, UK. The event takes place at the National Motorcycle Museum in Birmingham on Saturday 23rd November 2002. Full details including prices and directions can be found here. Thrustmaster products being demonstrated at the show include: HOTAS Cougar Joystick, Afterburner Force Feedback joystick and Tactical Board. Ubisoft will be demonstrating the highly anticipated IL-2 Sturmovik: Forgotten Battles and Lock-On: Air Combat. In addition to revealing some of the latest developments incorporated into both games Ubisoft have also arranged an exclusive and rare opportunity to listen to and speak with producer's Oleg Maddox (IL-2 Sturmovik) and Matt Wagner (Lock-On) who will both be in attendance.

Enigma: Rising Tide Recruiting A demo
Tesseraction Games has released a new demo for Enigma: Rising Tide, their upcoming massively multiplayer online naval combat game that's already available in an offline version. This new Recruiting A demo has been updated to the latest version 1.0.37 and offers a new single-player mission at a much more comfortable download than the previous offline demo. Download from 3D Gamer

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