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Tuesday November 12, 2002

PC News
New Screens: Lock On
We have new screenshots showing Lock On: Modern Air Combat terrain from high altitude: hills, mountains, and farmland. In addition a shot from the Lock On mission editor that shows the area of the game world with detailed rendering.

New Screens: Vietcong
We have new screens from the upcoming action game, Vietcong. There are six vehicles detailed in all, including the F-5 Freedom Fighter warplane, CH47 Chinook and UHD1 Huey helicopters, M151 Mutt and GAZ 69 jeeps, and the ZPU-2 anti-aircraft machinegun. Vietcong is an action game in which players assume the role of an elite US soldier during the Vietnam War. The game is scheduled for release in North America before the end of the year and will be available in Europe in the first quarter of 2003.

Medal Of Honor Allied Assault Spearhead Ships
Electronic Arts announced today that it has shipped Medal of Honor Allied Assault Spearhead, the new expansion pack for the WWII PC action title, Medal of Honor Allied Assault .

The Medal of Honor Allied Assault Spearhead expansion pack features nine new single-player levels and over 12 new multi-player levels. Players can play as British, American, German and Soviet troops in an enhanced multi-player mode. Additionally, players have the ability to choose from a vast arsenal of authentic Soviet, British, American and German weapons.

Military News
Decoy Successfully Performs In Supersonic Flight Tests
The U.S. Air Force and BAE SYSTEMS have successfully completed a series of on-going flight tests of BAE SYSTEMS AN/ALE-55 Fibre Optic Towed Decoy (FOTD) aboard the Air Force's B-1B bomber at Edwards Air Force Base, California. The tests, concluded in September, included the first performance of the decoy while the B-1B was operating at supersonic speeds.

During the flight tests, decoys were successfully deployed from the aircraft on four different occasions and were subjected to the most aggressive combat manoeuvres attempted to date. The tests demonstrated decoy deployment, safe separation, and in-tow performance while pushing the outer regions of the decoy's flight envelope.

"All decoys maintained towline integrity until commanded sever during the most aggressive B-1 manoeuvres to date," said Lt. Col. Peter Knudsen, B-1B Special Programs Office. "Signal line continuity results varied with the maximum sustained signal continuity for approximately 45 minutes. Preliminary results indicate decoy stability in the supersonic region appears to be exceptional," he added. Supersonic test points included towing the decoys at supersonic speeds while performing multiple wing and airspeed tests.

Capt. Robert Boyd, U.S. Navy (PMA-272) project manager, said, "I continue to be quite pleased with the ALE-55's flight test performance on the B-1B. These latest series of flight tests, flown while conducting very severe combat manoeuvres, are similar to recent successful F/A-18 E/F flight tests. This testing continues to show that the IDECM programme is on track to being a valuable tool to protecting aircrews from RF missile threats."

Broach Warhead Successful In U.S. Navy JSOW Tests
BAE SYSTEMS multi-stage warhead demonstrated its effectiveness during recent testing of the U.S. Navy's Joint Standoff Weapon Unitary variant (JSOW-C). The company's BROACH warhead permitted the weapon to completely perforate a steel-reinforced concrete target during sled testing conducted at the Supersonic Naval Ordnance Research Tracks facility at China Lake, California, Oct. 23.

The sled test follows three successful free flights highlighting the weapon's imaging infrared terminal seeker (IIR) and autonomous targeting acquisition (ATA) technology, demonstrating miss distances of less than 43 inches. The IIR seeker provides precision terminal accuracy of JSOW-C. In February 2002, BAE SYSTEMS successfully completed a contractor sled test at the Pendine, Wales test range.

The testing demonstrated the functionality of the lethal package augmenting charge, follow through bomb and fusing system, and validated that the payload system is capable of perforating a specific target. The lethal payload was integrated into a production representative JSOW-C missile. The test was conducted using the last 2,400 feet of the 21,600 feet long sled test track with an impact velocity of 712 feet per second. The augmenting charge detonated on weapon contact with the target utilising the production impact sensor installed on the nose of the missile.

Incorporating multi-stage warhead technology, the BROACH system consists of a penetrating shaped-charge in front of a standard conventional follow-through bomb. It provides blast/fragmentation effectiveness, as well as hardened target penetration. JSOW-C is the first U.S. weapon to integrate the BROACH warhead.

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