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Friday November 01, 2002

PC News
Play the Platoon Demo
The moment has come for you to try out Platoon for yourself. Monte Cristo has released a playable demo of Platoon: The 1st Airborne Cavalry Division in Vietnam, allowing you to try out the 3D tactical strategy game that is nearing completion at Digital Reality. According to the release, "Take command of more than a dozen soldiers throughout an entire mission from the game. It will be up to you to secure a road for a passing convoy. You'll have to run a sweep-op to clear any mines laid on the road as well as confront any Vietnamese troops lying in wait to ambush you." Download Now.

America’s Army: Operations Tournament
The U.S. Army announced today that it has teamed with iGames, a national organization of Game Centers, to hold an America’s Army: Operations Tournament at Game Centers nationwide. First-round tournament play will take place November 10th and November 30th, with the championship round commencing on December 14th. Players can sign up here.

New World Order Gone Gold
Dutch publisher Project Three Interactive today announced its upcoming tactical first person shooter New World Order has gone gold. The counter terrorist combat game developed by Swedish development studio Termite Games will show up on European shelves by mid November with other territories to follow shortly after.

Built on in-house developed next generation technology New World Order tells the modern tale of the battle between the united terrorist factions called The Syndicate and the anti-terrorist squad who have a mandate to track them down anywhere in the world, the Global Assault Team. Players can take on The Syndicate as a new member of the GAT named John Dobbs in lone wolf missions in singleplayer mode or battle it out with their teams in 5 multiplayer modes on a LAN or the internet.

Military News
JDAM Developmental Flight Testing on F-16
Boeing and the U.S. Air Force have successfully completed flight-testing of the MK-82 500-pound Joint Direct Attack Munition, or JDAM, from an F-16 at Eglin Air Force Base, Fla.

A U.S. Air Force F-16 yesterday launched the final JDAM MK-82 weapon to complete a successful weapon development flight test series on the F-16 aircraft. The weapon, launched from stressing flight test conditions, flew as planned and impacted the target.

The flight test program began in December 2000 with captive-carry flights and fit checks from a number of different aircraft. Integration flights are continuing on the F/A-18 and are planned for the B-2-the primary U.S. Air Force aircraft for this weapon.

Originally designed for 2,000-pound MK-84 and BLU-109 warheads, JDAM kits have also been developed for 1,000-pound MK-83 and BLU-110 warheads. The MK-82 guidance kit uses many parts common with other JDAM variants to maximize economies of scale and minimize weapon cost. The same mission computer, navigation unit and satellite receiver are used in all JDAM kits.

"The strakes that are mounted on the mid-body section of the 2,000 and 1,000 pound JDAM warheads have been moved to the nose of the MK-82," said Michel. "This allows for a more compact arrangement in the new B-2 bomb rack assembly, allowing the B-2 to carry up to 80 500-pound JDAMs."

The MK-82 JDAM and bomb rack assemblies for the B-2 will be available in 2004. Boeing, teamed with European weapons manufacturer, MBDA, is offering the MK-82 JDAM guidance kit to satisfy the United Kingdom Precision Guided Bomb Program requirement. A procurement decision on that program is expected in March 2003.

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