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Friday October 11, 2002

PC News
America's Army Patch v1.3.0
The new America's Army: Operations patch v.1.3.0 is now available. The patch includes a Mountain Pass map, a Combat Effectiveness Meter, the Honor System, a Hit-the-Dirt feature, first-person spectator ability, several other new features, a bunch of gameplay tweaks, and a sizable number of bug fixes. Download

American Conquest Demo
The demo of the upcoming strategy-title American Conquest is now available. The demo includes a mission, in which you are able to play on the side of the spanish invaders against the native Maya tribe. A small tutorial at the beginning of the game helps you through the first steps to establish a colony and recruit your men. The demo offers additionally a limited multiplayer mode in which you are able to test the game over a network or the internet. Download

Blitzkrieg Trailer
CDV as released the official trailer from its WWII RTS, Blitzkrieg . You`ll see panzers and paratroopers invading enemy territory as well as a supply convoy under fire and even armour-plated trains which are guarding strategic stations. The game is scheduled for release in the 4th quarter 2002. Gamer's get to play the great battles of World War II in 3 campaigns, taking the side of Germany, Russia or the Allied Forces. Download.

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