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Thursday September 12, 2002

PC News
IL-2 Sturmovik v1.2 with Open Voice
Ubi Soft has announced that a newer version of upgrade 1.2 is being made available to the community. This version - 1.2ov - is completely identical and compatible with the already released version 1.2 except that version 1.2ov has an open folder structure for radio chatter voice files and corresponding HUD messages. This means that members of the community can modify and replace the existing voice files and radio chatter text messages. Note that if you do work on modifying the voice files and radio chatter messages you do so at your own risk. Please keep back-ups of both the “Samples” and “i18n” directories somewhere on you hard disk in case some of your changes go wrong. Full details of this version of the upgrade, how to modify the files and to download the upgrade can be found here.

Battlefield 1942 Retail Patch & Dedicated Server V1.1
EA has released the first patch for Battlefield 1942, which was previously scheduled to arrive in stores today but is now scheduled for retail release on Friday.. This version 1.1 patch brings the same changes and fixes as the multiplayer demo update, including support for the All Seeing Eye server browser, higher refresh rates, internal server browser improvements, bug fixes, and more. Additionally, the version 1.1 Win32 dedicated server for the full game is now available, allowing server administrators to host all 16 maps in all gameplay modes. Retail patch -- Server download

Conflict: Desert Storm Demo
3D Gamers is hosting the premiere playable demo of Conflict: Desert Storm, the new squad-based tactical shooter by Pivotal Games. The demo contains an intro video and one full single-player mission. Download

Armored Task Force Demo
Shrapnel Games has announced that the Armored Task Force demo is available for download. This demo version contains two scenarios set in Death Valley, California. Armored Task Force explores modern, combined- arms warfare at the tactical levels of company and battalion task force-sized elements. Armored Task Force is expected to go gold on September 27, 2002. Download

Military News
Navy S-3B Viking Aircraft Missing
Search and rescue efforts continue for a U.S. Navy S-3B Viking aircraft operating from the aircraft carrier USS Harry S. Truman (CVN 75) that was reported missing shortly after 9:30 p.m. EDT Sept. 10.

The S-3B Viking was participating in a sea-control exercise in the southern Puerto Rico Operating Area (PROA), serving as an in-flight refueling aircraft as part of a battle group training program.

The three crewmembers of the missing aircraft have been identified. They are: Lt. Cmdr. Jeffrey J. Gray, 40, of Mound, Minn.; Lt. Cmdr. Michael D. Chalfant, 36 of Jacksonville, Fla.; Lt.(jg) Thomas Brandan McCombie, 25 of State College, Penn.

The plane is one of eight aircraft assigned to Sea Control Squadron Twenty Two (VS-22) Checkmates operating from USS Harry S. Truman (CVN 75). The squadron is based out of Naval Air Station Jacksonville and is one of eight squadrons that make up Carrier Air Wing Three.

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