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Tuesday July 23, 2002

PC News
Conflict Series Announced
Conflict: Desert Storm isn't even out yet and they're announcing the sequel and a spin-off. Conflict: Desert Storm is due to be published by SCi in September 2002. Based on the events of the Gulf War, and designed in collaboration with ex-SAS NCO Cameron Spence.

SCi has now entered into an agreement with Pivotal, the developer of Conflict: Desert Storm, for two further games in the Conflict series Conflict: Desert Sabre and Conflict: Missing Presumed Dead.

Conflict: Desert Sabre is a direct sequel to the original game concentrating on the SAS and Delta Force teams sent into Iraq during Desert Shield. Desert Sabre is concerned with survival as well as action. Conflict: Desert Sabre will be published in Autumn 2003.

Conflict: Missing Presumed Dead will be an entirely original concept based on the events of the Vietnam War. It follows the exploits of four US soldiers cut-off behind enemy lines during the 1968 Tet Offensive. Out of contact with their unit, the soldiers have to work their way back to the American lines in an epic journey reminiscent of Apocalypse Now. Instead of going up river into the heart of darkness, they have to escape out of overrun territory. Conflict: Missing Presumed Dead will be published in Autumn 2004.

Eidos Announces WWII RTS
Eidos Interactive announces World War II: Panzer Claws (European title: Frontline Attack: War over Europe). Eidos has acquired the worldwide publishing rights to the game with the exception of Russia, Poland and South Korea. Produced by Zuxxez Entertainment AG, Germany and developed by In-Images, Poland, World War II: Panzer Claws will be released on PC in September.

World War II: Panzer Claws is a real time strategy game that depicts the struggles in war torn Europe between 1941 and 1944. The player takes control of a variety of armored and mechanical units, ground troops and air support units in epic World War II battles of skill and nerve. The game spans the German attack on the Soviet Union through to other important battles on the Eastern Front, operations in France and Italy to the German offensive in the Ardennes. You can play as German, Soviet or Allied troops in both the single player campaign mode and multiplayer modes. The game is the first to use Reality Pump's newly developed 'Earth-3' engine, which enables stunning graphics and spectacular levels of detail. Screenshots

New Screens: Prisoner of War
We have a couple of new screens from Codemasters upcoming 3rd-person adventure game Prisoner of War. The game captures the heroism of Allied escape attempts from POW camps during World War II and Colditz is its toughest stronghold. Release Date: Summer 2002

WWII Online Readers' Choice Edition Ships
Strategy First, Playnet.com and Cornered Rat Software announced today that the Readers' Choice Edition of their massively multiplayer online game, WWII Online ships to stores nationwide today.

The Readers Choice Edition will contain an updated version of WWII Online along with numerous new features and enhancements. Some of which are:

  • New vehicles and weapons
  • All new terrain
  • New objects and tons of concealment for ground troops
  • A redesigned interface
  • New mission launch lobbies and a key mapper
  • Upgraded mission, rank and strategic systems
  • New animations and control systems
  • Increased performance and rock solid connects
The development team for WWII Online also announced plans for the next upgrade to the game which introduces new features such as sentries, attrition as well as updates to current systems including a sound suite overhaul and updated terrain textures- giving the game a brand new look. The new version will also add additional aircraft, armor and weapons to the battlefield.

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