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Monday July 8, 2002

PC News
New Screens: IL-2 The Forgotten Battles
We have new screens from the upcoming IL-2 Sturmovik Add-on, The Forgotten Battles. IL2-Sturmovik: The Forgotten Battles will include two new maps for Finland and Hungary, expanding the battlefield for both single and multiplayer modes. It will also feature more than 20 new single player missions and ten cooperative multiplayer missions. The Forgotten Battles is expected to ship to retail stores worldwide in Fall 2002.

New Screens: Blitzkrieg
CDV Software sent us 11 new screens from its World War II real time strategy, Blitzkrieg. The game is scheduled for release in the 4th quarter 2002. The player gets to play the great battles of World War II in 3 campaigns, taking the side of Germany, Russia or the Allied Forces. The game covers the historical facts and makes for a very realistic gameplay.

Airports of the World
Just Flight and Simflyers have teamed up to launch World Airports, a boxed edition of their acclaimed scenery upgrade for Flight Simulator 2000 and 2002. Featuring 6 of the biggest and busiest airports in the US and worldwide, plus 3 popular European destinations. This scenery upgrade features realistic depictions of the airports, numerous static and dynamic objects together with some unique dynamic features such as SimFlyers critically acclaimed jetDock and serviceArmada systems. Screenshots

Austerlitz Ships
Shrapnel Games announced that their latest product, Austerlitz: Napoleon's Greatest Battle, has begun shipping. Austerlitz features three completely new armies - French, Russian, and Austrian, over 25 "historical" and "speculative" scenarios and multiplayer allows up to 8 players over LAN or Internet.
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