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Friday, September 15th, 2000

 Download: Panzer General® III: Scorched Earth Demo Now Available
 News: Covert Ops Essentials Gold!
 News: Red Alert 2 To Ship October 24
 Release: GTT Releases new WW2 Fighters Application
 News: Harpoon 4 Update!
 News: Janes Combat Net Back Up!
 News: Calling all WarBirders
 Release: Tour of Duty '44 Released!

Panzer General® III: Scorched Earth Demo Now Available
The 40MB playable demo of Mattel Interactive's Panzer General III: The demo is a single player scenario in which the player assumes command of the German Weremacht forces and attempts to capture the town of Uryupinsk on the Eastern Front, thus securing the Panther-Woton defensive line. Scorched Earth is now available for download from the product website, located at Panzer General III

Covert Ops Essentials Gold!
Red Storm Entertainment announced today that Covert Operations Essentials has reached gold master status and will be in stores next week.

Red Alert 2 To Ship October 24
Westwood Studios announced today that Command & Conquer(tm) Red Alert 2 will ship October 24 in North America.

GTT Releases new WW2 Fighters Application
Game Tool Technologies,LLC, in association with Jesus Saiz de Ayala is pleased to announce the release of Campaign Designer for Janes World War II Fighters. WW2F Campaign Designer is 30 day, fully enabled shareware. More information go to the GTT web site: GTT

Harpoon4 Update!
SSI (Strategic Simulations Inc.) has moved back the release date of Harpoon4 from the Fall 2000 to Spring 2001. SSI

Janes Combat Net Back Up!
After being down for weeks, we have been informed that Janes Combat.Net is back up! Janes Combat Net

Calling all WarBirders
iEnternaiment Network is taking applications to help beta test WarBirds III. To apply go to:iEn Central

Tour of Duty '44 Released!
Shrapnel Games announced today availability of the first Module in the Wargame Development Kit Mod Program. Ed Marshall's Tour of Duty '44 focuses on squad level WWII combat. For more information check out their website at: Shrapnel Games

Thursday, September 14th, 2000

 Release: New Matrox WHQL Drivers
 Release: Naval Warfare Simulations Team Announce Beta Release
 News: Advanced Sensors Expand JSF Role
 News: Battle of Britain 60 years on:

New Matrox WHQL Drivers
Matrox has just posted a host of new WHQL certified drivers at their site and they include drivers for Windows 95/98, NT4, 2000 and Me. These drivers support the Millennium G200, Millennium G400 and Millennium G450 cards. They can be downloaded here: Matrox

Naval Warfare Simulations Team Announce Beta Release
The NWS team is proud to announce the release of the Warship Database Project Beta V10 and the Fleet Command Beta V1.3 Mega-Patch. Between the WDP V10 and FC V1.3 files Fleet Command is almost a completely new game with major improvements in playabilty, realism, accuracy,
and game balance which are the directives of the WDP. Naval Warfare

Advanced Sensors Expand JSF Role
Originally billed as dependent on outside data, JSF is now to be a major producer of battlefield intelligence. Aviation Now's Cover Story. Aviation Now

Battle of Britain 60 years:
Sixty years ago Royal Air Force pilots and their allies took to the skies in their Spitfires and Hurricanes to take on the Luftwaffe in an epic air battle over southern England during the summer and early autumn of 1940. Today we remember that period as the Battle of Britain, during which 544 pilots were killed and another 791 lost their lives before the War ended. Full Story Defence Data

Wednesday, September 13th, 2000

 Release: Hi Tech Creations release V.1.04
 News: Crimson Skies goes Gold.
 Download: Delta Force Land Warrior
 News: RAF goes Color
 News: US Navy ship runs aground.
 News: Stealth to be stealthier?

Hi Tech Creations release V.1.04
Could they make it better? Version 1.04 of Aces High has been released and updated to v1.041. New planes and vehicles in this version include the Ju 88A-4, Lancaster and Ostwind. URL for site and download. HiTech Creations

Crimson Skies goes Gold.
"Art-deco fusion of Tales of the Golden Monkey Meets Al Capone" . Microsoft has announced that Crimson Skies, a new action/adventure game for the PC, has gone gold. This means that the product is completed and is expected to hit store shelves in the U.S. later this month. COMBATSIM.COM reveiw Crimson Skies

Novalogic's Delta Force Land Warrior Demo available
This Delta Force Land Warrior demo includes a single player mission that features "Gas Can", one of the 5 playable characters from the full version of the game. As the grenadier expert, you have the special ability to maintain pinpoint accuracy with Gas Can's favorite weapon, the MM-1 Grenade Launcher. Novalogic

RAF goes Color --- a first for fast jet cockpit.
The Royal Air Force has placed a multi-million pound order for 400 Active Matrix Liquid Crystal Displays (AMLCD), for its Tornado GR4 ground attack and F3 fighter fleets. This will be one of the world's first AMLCD displays to enter service in a fast jet cockpit. Defence-Date

US Navy ship runs aground off the coast of Chile.
The U.S. Navy said the tank-landing ship USS La Moure County ran aground off the coast of Chile early Tuesday during training exercises with the Chilean navy. The ship, LST-1194, was preparing for an amphibious landing when it hit bottom some 100 miles south of the Chilean city of Antofagasta. There were no injuries among the ship's 257 crew members and 13 officers, but there was minor flooding in the ship's berthing areas. The Navy is still assessing the damage. Full story: CNN

Stealth to be stealthier?
Northrop Grumman begins flight testing of B-2 upgrades. The first upgrade to be evaluated is the application of magnetic radar-absorbing materials on surface panels. Defence data

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