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Thursday July 12, 2001

PC News

Warcommander Website Launched
The official Warcommander website is online and offers new information on the wargame and regular update on the progress in development, presenting screenshots, artwork and much more. Developed by Independent Arts and published by Karlsruhe-based CDV Software Entertainment AG it is scheduled for release in fall 2001. Warcommander is a "tactical RTS game" set in Europe during the Second World War. The gamer has to put together a task force consisting of up to 50 allied soldiers from 11 different types of units before going into action. Two campaigns from the point of view of US forces, with more than 30 gripping levels and additional special missions combine strategic puzzles and adrenaline pumping action. . Click here

Private Pilot Training Release
Abacus Publishing has announced that "Private Pilot Training" will be released Monday July 16th. "Private Pilot Training" is the first add-on for FS2000 for flight training. PPT offers challenging interactive, voice accompanied lessons. Developed by Ascendance and AeroClub de France, this team has made an authoritive package for those serious about learning to fly. Click here for more information.

Military News

Rolls-Royce Delivers Engines For Eurofighter
Rolls-Royce marked the first deliveries of the production versions of the EJ200 engine for installation in the Eurofighter with a dramatic display by a development aircraft and a Spitfire over the company's Filton, Bristol, factory yesterday. The company is producing 363 EJ200 engines for the first batch of 148 Eurofighters. A further 1,000 will be built by 2015 providing power for a total of 620 aircraft.

The EJ200 is Rolls-Royce's commitment to meeting the power requirements of the next generation of high-performance military aircraft.

It is a twin-spool reheated turbofan, with three fan (LP) and five HP compressor stages, powered by two single-stage turbines (LP and HP). The combustor is annular with airspray injectors. The reheat system features a three-stage fan system, a convergent/divergent nozzle and engine control is by an integrated FADEC system.

The technology of this engine makes it both smaller and simpler in layout than current powerplants while giving it lower fuel consumption and an much higher power-to-weight ratio - all vital factors in enhancing the multi-mission performance and effectiveness of combat aircraft.

It is seen as a vital project for the company, protecting jobs at the Bristol factories. "The staffing requirements have been figured in long ago. But this provides significant work up to 2005 and then up to 2015," said Rolls-Royce spokeswoman Maria Weber.

Rolls-Royce sees the engine as an ideal candidate engine for new military aircraft market and for re-engining existing fighters.

Boeing Marks New Chinook Rollout
Boeing rolled out the CH-47F Chinook heavy-lift helicopter, the sixth Chinook type designed for the US Army yesterday, forty years after the first Chinook prototype took to the air in 1961.

Boeing will modernise 300 Chinooks to the new F-model, which will extend its life to 2033 and possibly beyond. The CH-47F technology improvements also will form the foundation for the new MH-47G modernisation programme that will improve MH-47D and MH-47E Special Operations Chinooks.

The CH-47F prototype completed its first test flight on 25 June. Modernisation will include aircraft remanufacturing, vibration reduction, improved avionics with integrated digital mission management systems and a digital map, and installation of more powerful Honeywell T55-GA-14A-714 engines.

Boeing says the programme will reduce operational and support costs to below those of the original CH-47D and provide at least another 20 years of economical and effective service.

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