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Friday, October 27, 2000

Delta Force: Land Warrior Gold!
NovaLogic's popular series of special forces action games, has mastered and will appear in retail stores throughout North America by November 8. Built on a new graphics engine, Delta Force: Land Warrior uses the power of today's 3D accelerator cards to produce smoother, more attractive visuals while retaining the unique advantages of the voxel-based engines that drove the original Delta Force and Delta Force 2. The result is a game that gives players the best of both worlds: the long viewing distances and vast outdoor battlefields that distinguished the first two games, plus large, complex interior environments previously unseen in a Delta Force game.Novalogic

IL-2 Development Update!
Oleg Maddox has posted this weeks development update with a surprise. For details go to: IL-2 Forum

Herules Adds Audio to Product Line!
Hercules is pleased to announce that it will add a brand new line of audio products to its graphics, image and video range. The first Hercules audio product is Game Theater XP, a revolutionary gaming concept that is guaranteed to appeal to hardcore gamers with its unique features: a sound card and a powerful, extremely convenient external rack including amongst other features, a high-speed 4-port USB hub and game port for easy connection of game peripherals, and Dolby Digital(tm) decoding on up to 6 independent gold-plated RCA outputs. Hercules Game Theater XP will start retailing in December. Hercules

Air Warrior Millenium Version!
Kesmai has announced that starting November 1, Air Warrior Millenium Version will be available for play on For further details go to: Air Warrior

Air Warrior Event: War is Declared!
On November 4, at 9 p.m. EST, Air25 and the Guardian Angels squadron brings you "War is Declared!", a full realism, one night WWI event. "War is Declared!" will offer AW pilots a two country battle pitted in an attempt to destroy two of the opposing teams fields. Both teams will be outfitted with a like planeset: the Fokker Dr.1 and Fokker DVII, the Sopwith Camel, the Spad and the Brisfit F2B bomber. Details on the event are available at: War is Declared

Thursday, October 26, 2000

Take a Number! Edwards Air Force Base has a Busy Day.
Three was a lucky number Oct. 24 for the Air Force Flight Test Center here. The center supported the landing of the space shuttle Discovery, arrival of X-35A Joint Strike Fighter and the F-22 Raptor successfully releasing an AIM-120 advanced medium-range air-to-air missile. Full Story: Air Force Link

COMBATSIM.COM Release Dates Page Updated!
Check out our updated release page. Click here: Release Dates

New Executive Producer for Flanker!
SSI (division of The Learning Company) announced recently that Tim Goodlett has joined the company as Executive Producer. Tim Goodlett will be working on Flanker and several other titles. Prior to joining SSI, Tim Goodlett was Senior Designer and Producer with Microprose. "I wanted to work in a place that planned to continue doing the types of games I love and enjoy, and here I can also influence the very types of decisions that hobbled Gunship," said Goodlet on the Official Flanker 2.0 Forum.

"Mr. Goodlett has my confidence and full support. He's a pro and has come from one difficult environment to another," said Carl Norman. Hopefully this appointment is the sign of an optimistic future for the SSI brand.

Mattel Interactive (formally one of the The Learning Company holdings) was sold to Gores Technology Group last week. The Learning Company is in the process of reorganizing, and is currently reevaluating new names. Announcements on a new name and the 2001 lineup are expected soon.

Tuesday, October 24, 2000

Naval Warfare Simulations News!
The final V1.3 patch for Fleet Command is now posted! The Warship Database Project (WDP) Beta V10.8 has also been posted and includes a new 3d graphic of the AH-64D Apache Longbow! Any possible future versions of the FC V1.3 patch will be shown as V1.31+. WDP Beta V10.9 will be released soon with work being done on short ranged ASW weapons such as the RBU's, ASW Mortar's, and depth charges. Airborne refueling is also going to be worked on. Naval-Warfare

Flanker 2.03 Patch Status Update!

Carl Norman's comments about the Flanker 2.03 Patch:

Despite the notice on the main web page that was supposed to be a link to download the V2.03 patch, the patch HAS NOT been formally released. (By the time you read this posting, the notice will have been removed.)

Work continues on the Voodoo problems. There have also been some reports about multiplayer problems with the Beta version that we are investigating.

As many of you know, Mattel Interactive (formally one of the The Learning Company holdings) was sold to Gores Technology Group last week. We are in the process of reorganizing. I have no details to provide you at this time. We are optimistic about our future and I will give you an update when I have more information. As I am responsible for the Novato Studio these past few weeks have prevented me from spending time on Flanker. The team in Moscow, our testing team here in the US, Kevin Hicks (Associate Producer) and our new Executive Producer Tim Goodlett, are all working on Flanker and several other titles. Please be patient with us as we are trying to manage multiple projects and a major transition to a new owner.

Thanks for your support.


B-17 II Release Saga Continues!
COMBATSIM.COM reported yesterday that B-17 II would not be released before January 2001. COMBATSIM.COM has since been informed that in fact B-17 II will "definitely" be released in Europe before the end of the year. The Hasbro UK division, has stated, "we are at late beta stage now and in final test. We wanted to ensure that the situation was clear as there's lots of European flight sim fans who are really looking forward to the product and we don't want them to be disappointed." B-17 II Forum

Silent Hunter II Release Update!
COMBATSIM.COM has learned that the Silent Hunter II release date has been moved back to Q1, 2001. The reason for the move, although Silent Hunter II is coming along very nicely, SSI's plans are to release Silent Hunter II closer to the release of Destroyer Command, which will be released in the first half of 2001.

Monday, October 23, 2000

B-17 II Release Update!
Rumors were flying on the forums Friday about B-17 II. COMBATSIM.COM spoke with Peter Matiss, Project Manager,Hasbro - North America, to get the official word. Peter told COMBATSIM that, "it is highly doubtful that it (B-17 II) will be out before January, 2001." Peter also said, "we (Hasbro) do not want to release B-17 II until it is ready". COMBATSIM.COM will keep you posted on further developments.

Combat Command 2: Danger Forward Demo Released!
Danger Forward is available for download on their website. Details on this demo and other related Combat Command 2: Danger Forward information can be found at Shrapnel Games

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