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Friday, October 20, 2000

Typhoon Release Update!
As we reported a couple of days ago, the release date of Typhoon has been pushed back to March 2001. We have learned, from sources at Rage Software, that the reason for the delay is that Rage will now be publishing Typhoon themselves. Originally, Infogrames was expected to distribute the title. Rage is currently negotiating with potential distribution partners. The title, according to our sources, is basically finished, so the delay is more about distribution logisitics, then it is about the game's code.

New Sudden Strike Screenshots!
Sudden Strike, a real-time tactical war game set in World War II Europe. Already released to the European market, the game has been highly praised for its historical accuracy and level of realism.

Players are in command of American, German, British, French or Russian forces and are expected to outmaneuver and overcome Panzer squads, bombing raids, and mobile infantry units all in attempts to vanquish the enemy. Sudden Strike is scheduled for release throughout North America in February 2001.

JetFighter IV Goes Gold!
Mission Studios, a subsidiary of Take-Two Interactive Software, Inc., today announced that "JetFighter IV: Fortress America" has gone gold and will ship to retailers on October 31. Jet Fighter IV

Wednesday, October 18, 2000

New Typhoon Release Date!
Rage Software has pushed back the Typhoon release date. Typhoon had been slated for release Q3, 2000, the new release date is set for March 2001. For more information, check out COMBATSIM.COM's interviews with Don Whiteford, Typhoon project leader at Rage Studios. Click here: Typhoon Interviews

New Mission for SWAT 3: EE
Daily Radar has released the 3rd downloadable mission for SWAT 3: Elite Edition, the Hollywood Hills warrant service mission. This mission is the third of five missions to be released, with the remaining two to be released by the end of the week. Link to Daily Radar's download: Daily Radar

Link to the 10-David.Com Mirror (includes a mission walk-thru): 10-David

Sierra also released a patch today which makes a small but crucial update to the v1.6 put out on Friday. It's called v1.62 and you can get it here: 10-David

WDK 2K Patch Released!
Shrapnel Games announced today that the much anticipated Patch for Armies of Armageddon: WDK 2K is now available.The Patch, version 2.10, fixes many small bugs and adds enhancements requested by the fans. Download at their website at: Shrapnel Games

Tuesday, October 17, 2000

CDV and Strategy First Launch A Partnership!
CDV and Strategy First have entered into a partnership agreement. Strategy First will co-publish CDV's current real time strategy hit Sudden Strike in North America. In return, CDV will publish Strategy First's products in the German speaking countries or even across Europe.

Aces High 1.04 Patch 5 Released.
HiTech Creations has released their Aces High 1.04 Patch 5. This patch fixes various bugs and features in the current version of Aces High. For the list of fixes go to: Aces High News
Download Update: Aces High Patch 5 Update

Falcon4 Balkans Terrain Beta 5c Available.
The F4 Balkans Terrain Team has completed Beta 5c for the Falcon4 Balkans Terrain. You can download this 12mb beta at: Falcon4.0

Steel Beasts Completely Sold Out!
Shrapnel Games announced today the initial run of Steel Beasts has completely sold out! Until a new run is printed the game will only be available via back ordering.

Tim Brooks, President of Shrapnel Games, said, "The orders for Steel Beasts have been strong since its release. Beasts opened to rave reviews and sales were much stronger than expected. The complete sell out of the first run caught us off guard. We really thought we had printed enough copies to get us well into the Christmas season. We currently have the printers working hard to get our next run of the game ready for shipment. I want to personally thank our customers for their patience during this period of expansion and growth."

In Development: New Space Combat Sim - ZERO-G MARINES.
Strategy First Inc., one of the fastest growing independent developer and publisher of PC CD-ROM games announced today that it will be releasing ZERO-G MARINES, an action packed, first person space combat game in Fall 2001.

ZERO-G MARINES is a combination of first person shooter and squad based tactical sim set in space to create an entirely new gaming experience.

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