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Monday June 17, 2002

PC News
New Screens: LOMAC
We have more new screens from Ubi Soft's upcoming jet simulation, Lock On: Modern Air Combat. These screenshots show an F-16C at dusk over the sea and an Su-24MR under a night sky.

IL-2: Forgotten Battles Development Update
We have the first development update and 13 new screenshots for, IL-2: The Forgotten Battles. The Forgotten Battles features:

  • Third party cockpit of Me-262
  • Hurricane MKIIB (Flyable)
  • Hurricane MKIIC (Flyable)
  • Russian Field mode with installed 2x20mm ShVAK cannons and 2x12,7mm UB (Flyable)
  • Fiat G.50 (currently AI)
  • I-153 (Flyable) will be present in two variants with different weapons and variants of loadout
  • Finnish Air Force Blenheim MKIV with skis (AI)
  • Bf-110 3D model in progress
New ships:

  • Dreadnought Marat, damaged by Rudel
  • Historical ship Aurora (In Leningrad)
  • Hungarian tank Turan I

Uncommon Valor Patch 1.1
The official Uncommon Valor 1.1 Patch is now available for download. For further details click here.

Military News
Boeing Awarded KC/RC-135 Re-engine Work
Boeing has been awarded a $61.8 million contract by the U.S. Air Force for five re-engining kits for the RC-135 aircraft and two re-engining kits for the KC-135 aircraft. The contract is with the Oklahoma City Air Logistics Center at Tinker Air Force Base.

The re-engine kits contract includes efforts associated with fabrication of new engine struts and nacelles, structural fittings, wiring harnesses and hardware necessary to replace the existing aircraft engines with quieter, more fuel efficient CFM-56 engines.

"Our team is pleased to continue supporting our nation in modernizing these extremely important strategic aircraft, and are proud of the program's performance on these vital aircraft," said Mike Wright, Boeing KC/RC-135 Re-Engine program manager.

Completion of the kits included in this award will bring the total number of KC/RC-135 re-engine kits produced by Boeing to 467 since the program began in 1982. Work will be performed at the Boeing Wichita Development and Modification Center, a part of the fast growing Military Aerospace Support business.

ACC Releases F-16 Accident Report
A pilot's failure to accurately perform standard flight procedures while rejoining other aircraft caused an F-16C to crash near the Warren Grove Bombing Range, near Atlantic City, N.J., Jan. 10, Air Force officials announced today.

The pilot, Maj. Robert G. McNally of the 119th Fighter Squadron, 177th Fighter Wing, New Jersey Air National Guard, ejected from the aircraft and sustained minor injuries. The aircraft was destroyed upon hitting the ground.

According to the Air Combat Command Accident Investigation Board report, the pilot failed to accurately perform rejoin-and-overshoot procedures while rejoining the other two aircraft in his formation. In addition, he failed to ensure his life-support gear was tightly secured. The failures led to a negative-G condition, which induced incapacitating spatial disorientation -an incorrect perception of his position and motion relative to the ground. This disorientation limited his ability to regain controlled flight. He then ejected.

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