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Tuesday June 4, 2002

PC News
New World Order Multiplayer Beta
Termite Games and Project Three Interactive have released the promised multiplayer beta test for New World Order, their upcoming team-based multiplayer shooter. This beta test offers one large map called 'Sweden' described as "an atmospheric Nordic village offering a wide variety of locations for every kind of tactics," playable with up to 32 players on LAN and Internet. Download

America's Army Big Budget
According to a report on CNN/Money, the United States Army is spending approximately $7 million to develop America's Army, its upcoming action game, . While this isn't a record-breaking budget for a game, it will almost certainly be the most expensive game ever given away for free. The Army also plans to continue the game project for five years after the game's initial release this summer. Click here for our E3 coverage of America's Army.

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