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Tuesday May 14, 2002

PC News
Complete E3 2002 Lineup
In just one week the the biggest game trade show in North America, will begin on Wednesday, May 22, and run through Friday, May 24. Game companies from all over the world will come to the event, which is being held at the Los Angeles Convention Center, to show off their best upcoming games.

We have compiled a list of some the combat simulation, strategy and shooters we think you are most interested in. Not including all new games that will be announced at the show, which we will let you know about. We already have some information about many of the games on the list, and you can click on any of the game titles below to see what we have. The list is in alphabetical order and sorted by company name. Be sure to stay tuned for more information on the games of E3 2002.

1C Company


  • Medieval: Total War
  • Star Trek: Starfleet Command III
  • Star Trek Elite Force II
CDV Software


Electronic Arts

Fishtank Interactive


  • Deadly Dozen: Pacific Theater



  • SWAT: Urban Justice
Simon & Schuster

Strategy First

Ubi Soft

Elite Forces: Navy Seals
ValuSoft has announced the release of its newest first-person shooter by Jar Head Games in the budget-priced Elite Forces series. Elite Forces: Navy Seals places the player in a new era of world conflict, where only one team has the cunning, speed and lethal weapons to eliminate the latest enemy of the state. Gamers will arrive by sea, land and air prepared for unconventional warfare, counter-guerilla tactics and clandestine operations in the most turbulent hot spots in the world. During the action, gamers will utilize their eight weapons to battle enemy soldiers, jeeps, tanks and helicopters as they fight to recover opposition warheads, recover a spy satellite and rescue terrified hostages. Screens

New Screens: Blitzkrieg
CDV Software sent us 5 new screensfrom its World War II real time strategy,Blitzkrieg. The game is scheduled for release in the 4th quarter 2002. The player gets to play the great battles of World War II in 3 campaigns, taking the side of Germany, Russia or the Allied Forces. The game covers the historical facts and makes for a very realistic gameplay.

New Screens: Cossacks - Back to War
We received these screens from CDV Software's latest in the Cossacks series, Cossacks - Back to War. No details are available on this title, but we will keep you posted.

IGI2 Delayed
IGI 2: Covert Stike has been delayed to September 2002 from its original date, June 2002. Jim Brown, Game Designer, sent out the following explanation. (Thanks to Christian for sending this to us).
The Beta Test has been delayed due to work on the netcode not being complete. Developing a high-quality FPS multiplayer experience is a real challenge, but one the dev team at Innerloop has taken on with a vengeance! They ve been working flat out on the code, but some QA issues, mainly with server code, have held us back.

To cut a long story short, the game is officially delayed until September. As I stated on the forum a couple of weeks ago, there will be a full and proper Beta Test - this has not changed. We realise this is frustrating for those of you that want the game now, but both Codemasters and Innerloop are committed to a high-quality product. As most of you know, that is not always easy, but Codemasters have complete confidence in Innerloop s ability to deliver the goods!

One of the main reasons for this delay is that we want to ensure the Beta Test process is handled professionally and effectively. We value the forum opinion greatly, as you know some forum suggestions have already made it into the game. Richard Blenkinsop, Senior External Producer here at Codemasters, has also asked me to thank all of you in the Test Group for your patience, assistance and suggestions for IGI2 s development, it is recognised and definitely appreciated by us all.

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