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Tuesday February 19, 2002

PC News
NWS Destroyer Command Project V1.0
Naval Warfare Simulations has released Destroyer Command Project V1.0. This includes a comprehensive set files for the data pack, graphics pack, and sound pack.

SWAT: Urban Justice
The lastest installment of the SWAT series has been revealed at GameSpot. Saying: "Don't call this game SWAT 4--it's more than just a sequel," the article details what changes they are bringing to the series, including dropping the LAPD license to allow "wiggle room" for more fun factors and other elements what would not be possible to be true to LAPD SWAT (examples given include the use of riot shields and the inclusion of female officers), and a quicker pace to gameplay. They go on to describe the assistance of their technical advisor, the near-future setting, the types of cases you'll be involved in, weapons and other equipment, the engine, and more. Included are what are naturally enough the first ten screenshots released of the game, which is slated for release sometime later this year. Release date: September 2002.

Interplay Receives Deficiency Notice From Nasdaq
Interplay Friday announced it received a deficiency notice from Nasdaq dated February 14 stating that for the last 30 trading days, Interplay's common stock has not maintained a minimum market value of publicly held shares of $15,000,000 and a minimum bid price per share of $3.00 as required for continued listing under Nasdaq Marketplace Rules. Additionally, Interplay does not meet Nasdaq's alternative listing requirements. Interplay has been provided 90 calendar days, or until May 15, to regain compliance. If Interplay fails to regain compliance, the company expects to be notified by Nasdaq that its securities will be delisted.

Take-Two Resumes Trading Common Stock
Take-Two Interactive Software Friday announced its Common Stock resumes trading on Nasdaq. Paul Eibeler, president, stated, 'We wish to once again extend our most sincere apologies to our shareholders for any inconvenience they have been caused due to the halt in trading of our common stock. The past several months have been a difficult time for Take-Two and its management, but we have worked hard to restate our historical financials, as well as continue to build for what promises to be a very bright future utilizing the valuable lessons we have learned."

Military News
Koreans To Make Final Judgement On F-X In April
South Korea is intent on proceeding with its troubled F-X fighter procurement programme despite none of the bids from the four competing teams being within the financial restrictions set by the government. The final aircraft selection was to have been announced next month, but the defence ministry has revealed that the four bids will be examined for another month before the ultimate decision is taken in April.

"The Defense Ministry has decided to go ahead with the F-X project, although bidders failed to meet our price limit during price negotiations," Choi Dong-jin, deputy defence minister for acquisition, said.

In an effort to bridge the gap between the figure earmarked for the project and the costs proposed by the prospective contractors, the official said the ministry would seek an increase in the available resources as well as possible reductions in the extras for the F-X.

The announcement is a swift turnaround from the earlier stance adopted by the government. Last week the whole programme was said to be under threat if the price negotiations with the four rival consortiums did not produce a winner. However, as the contract to buy 40 jet fighters for the Air Force at a cost of 4.2 trillion won ($3.23 billion), represents a major part of South Korea's defensive future, the government decided it would persist with the project.

Mr Dong-jin also intimated that the nation's international credibility would be damaged if the government aborted its plans. A further consideration is the continued political negotiations between South Korea and the US, amid continued speculation that George W. Bush is lobbying for the bid of Boeing's F-15K.

Boeing, together with its rivals for the project, the Rafale of French Dassault, the Eurofighter Typhoon, and the Sukhoi Su-35 of Russia's Rosoboronexport, must now await the month-long analysis of the project's cost-effectiveness by the Korea Institute for Defense Analyses (KIDA).

Officials Release F-16 Accident Report
The failure of the steering system caused the Oct. 17 crash of an F-16 Fighting Falcon fighter during takeoff at Hill Air Force Base, Utah, said Air Force officials who investigated the incident.

The pilot, Capt. Casey J. Tidgewell, sustained minor injuries after ejecting from the aircraft. Tidgewell was assigned to the 4th Fighter Squadron at Hill. The aircraft left the runway and suffered heavy damage when its right wingtip hit the ground.

According to the Accident Investigation Board report released Feb. 14 by Air Combat Command officials, the aircraft's front tire failed during takeoff, spraying debris that severed critical wires. The result was a loss of steering control.

After several failed attempts to regain control of the aircraft, Tidgewell ejected.

British Troops 'Invade' Spain
British troops temporarily invaded Spain when a landing exercise on Gibraltar went wrong. About 20 Royal Marines landed in bad weather on a Spanish beach, thinking they were on British territory. They hastily retreated after locals told them of their error. Gibraltar has been a contested area between London and Madrid for 300 years. A British Ministry of Defence spokesman told Reuters that two landing craft from HMS Ocean accidentally entered Spanish territorial waters and in bad weather one landing craft landed on the beach a few yards over the Spanish side of the border. [More...]

Atlantis Contract For FA-18 Maintenance Trainers
Atlantis Systems' subsidiary, Atlantis Systems International has signed a 30-month contract valued at over Cdn$32 million with Boeing for the development and delivery of Integrated Maintenance Training Systems (IMTSs) for the F/A-18 fighter aircraft on behalf of the Australian and Canadian forces.

The IMTS is a next-generation, fully-interactive training simulator for military aircraft maintenance personnel. It combines a high-fidelity simulated cockpit with virtual system panels using SMART technology to provide cost- effective training of maintenance technicians in a realistic, non-threatening environment. The system uses PC technology and can easily be reconfigured for different aircraft systems and training applications.

The Boeing F/A-18 is a multi-mission tactical aircraft capable of carrying out both air-to-air and air-to-ground missions. It is currently in service with the forces of Canada, Australia, the United States, Spain, Kuwait, Finland, Switzerland, and Malaysia.

"The Atlantis IMTS offers major advances in the ease with which it can be adapted to new aircraft systems or training requirements," said Douglas L. Olson, Atlantis' President and CEO.

USMC Gets New Shotgun
The USMC has taken delivery of a new 12-gauge shotgun, the M4 Joint Service Combat Shotgun manufactured by Benelli. The US military specified a shotgun capable of mounting heavy night vision equipment and other accessories whose combined additional weight could cause under-functioning of the reliable inertia system. It can also take 2 3/4 and 3-inch shells.

Benelli engineers developed and patented a unique new "auto regulating gas operated" (ARGO) system. Dual, stainless self-cleaning pistons located just ahead of the chamber operate directly against the rotating bolt and eliminate the need for complex linkages found on other gas autos.

Five samples of the Benelli M4 Super 90 were delivered to Aberdeen Proving Ground, Maryland in 1998. The guns were put through an intensive, gruelling test for safety, function and performance. Subjecting them to mud, sand, baking heat and extreme cold, the M4s beat out the competition to be chosen as the new US "Joint Service Combat Shotgun."

The US Marines have first call on this new gun. Once those orders are filled, the M4 Super 90 will be available to law enforcement and civilian buyers.

According to Capt. Michael Howard, project officer, Marine Corps Systems Command, Quantico, Va., the shotgun is a durable replacement that has been making its way out to fleet commands since November 2001.

The new shotgun features a collapsible buttstock, ghostring sights similar to an M-16A2 service rifle, a pistol grip and semi-automatic firing capability. Another feature the shotgun possesses is the ability to accept different types of optics that can be mounted on top.

The original life expectancy of the shotgun was 7,000 rounds of ammunition fired through it, however, several test guns have fired up to 20,000 rounds and have needed little or no maintenance.

Three More Type 45 Anti Air Warfare Destroyers Confirmed
Following the announcement last year by UK ministers, BAE SYSTEMS has confirmed that its Type 45 Prime Contract Office has received an order for a further three platforms for the Type 45 Destroyer, bringing the total number of platforms now on order to six. The total contracted value of the Type 45 programme is now approximately 2 billion.

This order is concurrent with binding agreements concluded with the two shipyards - BAE SYSTEMS Marine and Vosper Thornycroft - for their workshare in respect of the Type 45 platform. These agreements give these shipyards a guaranteed level of work to the end of the decade and enables them to make the necessary new investment needed for such a complex ship.

Nigel Stewart, Acting Managing Director, Type 45 said: "The platform negotiations between the Prime Contract Office (PCO) and the two shipyards have been extremely challenging, but have been conducted in a very constructive manner. The outcome is very positive for all parties and delivers the benefits of both a stable long term workload and a cost effective solution. Now that all of the key principles relating to the platform procurement have been agreed, we have a solid foundation on which to continue to move forward and deliver our programme commitments to the DPA."

"In parallel to the shipyard negotiations, we have placed contracts for all of the Power Systems, as well as the majority of the Combat System. 50% of the major Platform subsystem contracts have also been signed by our team in Glasgow. Taking into account today's commitments with the shipyards, subcontracts to a total value approaching 1.25 billion have been placed over the last 12 months and virtually all remaining subcontracts will have been signed by the middle of this year. "

Brian Phillipson, Group Managing Director, Sea Systems, said: "I am delighted with the confirmation of this order and the shipyard contracts. The agreements set out a long-term future for warship building in BAE SYSTEMS and Vosper Thornycroft and secures a major part of the future surface fleet for the Royal Navy. It was crucial that we all reached agreement on a variety of complex details which has now been achieved. We thus have in place solid foundations for the future of military shipbuilding in the United Kingdom."

The work is being jointly managed out of the Type 45 Platform Design Centre (PDC) at Scotstoun, Glasgow and the Prime Contract Office in Filton, Bristol. The PDC houses an integrated design team with staff from the Prime Contract Office, BAE SYSTEMS Marine and Vosper Thornycroft as well as customer representatives, which has already been working together for the last 12 months. This team is expected to grow to around 600 people over the next few months.

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