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Friday, October 6, 2000

IL-2 Development Update!
Oleg Maddox has posted a new Development Update at the Official IL-2 forum. Click here: IL-2 Forum

NVIDIA Releases New Drivers for TNT/TNT2!
We have a new official driver release that will provide improved performance for TNT/TNT2 owners as well as stability fixes and performance tweaks. Also, we have made some significant optimizations which should make this driver release far more user friendly. These drivers at: NVIDIA

Hercules Releases 3D Prophet II GTS Pro!
Hercules announces the release of its latest addition to the award-winning 3D Prophet II family: 3D Prophet II GTS Pro, a high-end graphics accelerator based on the GeForce2 Pro chipset from NVIDIA*. 3D Prophet II GTS Pro is a new combination of pure power and design innovation, for hardcore gamers who demand extra power. Hercules

Red Alert 2 Gold!
Westwood announces that its latest real-time strategy game is complete and will ship October 24. Westwood Studios has announced that its upcoming real-time strategy game Command & Conquer: Red Alert 2 is complete and will arrive in retail stores at the end of the month.

Flanker 2.03 Patch Update!
Carl Norman has posted further comments on the Flanker 2.0 forum. "Well, we found a few problems in this last build and we are forced to go one more round of testing. I know this is frustrating, but we need to fix a few problems.

One thing that has happened with V2.03 is that several of the training missions will no longer work properly with V2.03. We have made the decision that we will address this problem at a later date and will NOT hold up the release of the V2.03 patch because of this problem. We hope you all agree with our decision. We'll fix the training missions in a few weeks and release a small "mini-patch" that will address the training mission problems.

* A couple of things to add to the list of V2.03 modificaions:
- The resolution for the rear-view mirrors has been increased.
- The ground radar has been removed from the Su-27.

While the Su-27 can still accept unguided air-to-ground loadouts (rockets and bombs) it cannot use guided munitions. The Su-33 retains the ground radar and may deploy guided weapons. We will be receiving a new build from Moscow sometime on Friday and will put it through the paces. If all goes well we will put the patch file up on this website late Friday or early Saturday. Remember, if we find a big problem with this next version, we'll have to fix it before releasing the patch".

Wednesday, October 4, 2000

Aces High Update!
Hitech Creations has posted an Aces High update 1.042 to 1.044, and....a new Mediteranian terrain. To update go to: HiTech Creations

Boeing X-45 UCAV Unveiled!
Boeing unveiled a new weapon last Wednesday, one that does away entirely with the "chivalry of the air," in that the pilot of this fighter craft stays on the ground. Boeing provided a preview in St. Louis Wednesday of a revolutionary new weapon system concept called the Unmanned Combat Air Vehicle (UCAV)."This new aircraft will take on some of the dangerous and demanding kinds of missions during a combat situation," said Lt. Col. Michael Leahy, UCAV government program manager. "We see in the future that this aircraft will help take care of some of the air to ground threats that we face right now and allow manned assets to do their jobs more efficient and safer." Complete story: Aero-News

Abacus Releases Corporate Pilot!
Abacus has now completed work on Corporate Pilot, a new collection of business aircraft. As you'd expect, the visual modeling, handling and panels are top notch. In addition, Al Pelletier has created a series of Round Robins that take you on typical business trips. These are complemented by ATC voice accompaniment using Radar Contact demos. The complete package includes a 144 page manual and complete checklists for each aircraft. Further info: Abacus

EADS To Challenge F-16 With Mako Fighter!
The newly created European Aeronautic Defense and Space Co., or EADS, is taking aim at Lockheed Martin’s F-16 export market with an inexpensive, lightweight fighter design unveiled during this week’s Defendory defense trade show in Athens, Greece. For the complete story: Aviation Now

WarBirds Goes Flat-Rate!
Gone are the days of paying to sit in the tower while the Scenario Lites ramp up. Gone are the days of watching the clock worrying that you might be going over budget.For more info: iEn Central

Flanker 2.03 Patch Close!
Carl Norman has posted these comments on the Flanker 2.0 forum. "While we still have at least one more round of testing, the latest build of V2.03 is looking very promising. Please don't get your expectaions up too high, but we are going to do everything we can to get V2.03 out next week. This is dependent upon what we find out early in the week with the latest round of testing. I have been playing this latest build all weekend and I am very pleased with it". For a list of the modifications and fixes go to:Flanker 2.0 Forum

Monday, October 2, 2000

Warship Database Update!
The Warship Database Project Beta V10.6 for Fleet Command has been posted! The WDP Listings are comprehensive Excel spreadsheets showing all entries in the WDP in terms of platforms, airwings, loadouts and weapons and are maintained by the NWS team member. The main items addressed with the WDP V10.6 were the self-homing AAM's and SAM's as well as various other corrections or tweaks. Go to: Warship Database


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