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Friday December 14, 2001

PC News
Medal of Honor MP Demo Released
EA has released the much anticipated Medal of Honor Allied Assault Multiplayer Demo. Download the demo from either FilePlanet or,
Fragzone. Link to instructions on how to unlock Hidden Teamplay Mod in Demo: AlliedAssault.net

Art of War Trailer
CDV Software has released the trailer to Cossacks add-on, The Art of War. The Art of War offers new, huge maps, new missions, new campaigns and numerous new functions. Download

Wolfenstein Demo Released
Activision has released a Return to Castle Wolfenstein single-player demo. The demo includes two levels, Escape 1 and Crypt 1, and it also features the opening cinematics that go along with those two missions. Click here to download the 119MB file.

US Marines To Use Operation Flashpoint Technology
Adrenaline Vault is reporting that Bohemia Interactive Studio has been developing a Military Grade Program based upon Operation Flashpoint Technology called Virtual Battlefield System 1. This Modification of VBS1 will be used initially in the Deployable Virtual Training Environment program. Marines will be using VBS1 in December 2001 with possible expansion through 2002, 2003 and beyond. Although VBS1 will not be available to the public and part of the content of VBS1 will remain strictly confidential, certain developments and units may be made available at a later stage through add-ons or upgrades. [More...]

Military News
Bush Announces ABM Treaty Withdrawal
President Bush announced Dec. 13 he would notify Russia that the United States will withdraw from the 1972 Anti-ballistic Missile Treaty.

The 30-year-old treaty "hinders our government's ability to develop ways to protect our people from future terrorist or rogue state missile attacks," Bush said.

He made the announcement following a meeting with fellow members of the National Security Council, Vice President Dick Cheney, Secretary of State Colin Powell and Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld.

The treaty is outmoded, Bush said. In 1972, the United States and the Soviet Union subscribed to "mutually assured destruction." The ABM Treaty enshrined this strategy of deterrence, based on the understanding that a nuclear attack by either would be met by instant, massive retaliation.

Since then, Bush said, the Soviet Union has dissolved and the United States and Russia enjoy better relations. The United States does not regard Russia as an enemy, he said, but that does not mean there are not enemies in the world.

"As the events of September the 11th made all too clear," he said, "the greatest threats to both our countries come not from each other or other big powers in the world, but from terrorists who strike without warning, or (from) rogue states who seek weapons of mass destruction.

"Defending the American people is my highest priority as commander-in-chief. I cannot and will not allow the United States to remain in a treaty that prevents us from developing effective defenses."

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